Friday, October 19, 2007

my cat is a purring machine

i was hanging out with belt [i'm sorry but i quite often just call you belt in my mind,beth. you can explain it in your own blog] the other night. she just got her wisdom teeth taken out but still managed to look good. we were just laying around and then i somehow banged my knee on my hit a weird spot and i got a nosebleed! it was half scary and half funny. equal parts. no,it was more funny.
we don't have internet we just randomly pick it up here and there but i feel like we should just bite the bullet and get it. now, where did 'bite the bullet' come from? yes i would like that book that describes the origins of phrases for christmas please.
well colin has quit house of heroes, so that's...happened. been on our minds actually since the beginning of this year so in a sense a weight has been lifted. but there are emotional attachments, and there is bound to be awkwardness... poor colin's mind has been racing for awhile and he's just overwhelmed. fortunately cleaning/organizing is therapy for him, so i do benefit in this way. haha. no, we are good and feel at peace with whatever happens next.
walked through innis woods for awhile today with ber, after coffee with some friends too. how wonderfully pleasant. it was beautiful outside.

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