Saturday, October 27, 2007

eating a cinnamon scone

last night colin and i contemplated a date night but had no babysitter so we just took our little man with us to cafe istanbul at easton.god just decided to bless our little evening- saylor was awesome during dinner [ok,i know, when is he not awesome? he's never not awesome.] but there was an older couple seated very closely to us- and you always hope that you are near people who adore children and are not annoyed by them.and they loved saylor.he waved at them about every 30 seconds and they just kept waving back.they just had their first two grandchildren [just like when my sister and i had ours together] so we chatted some and the woman just loved watching saylor eat and play.and yummy food it was.i had said 'wouldnt it be great if he could just like fall asleep in the stroller then we could sit at barnes and noble?' we walk out of the restaurant and i lay his seat back and he immediately falls to sleep! we got coffee and sat at b&n for like two hours.before i got pregnant we would read at barnes and noble seriously like three times a week.all the time.and this is weird but when i got pregnant i hated it and didnt want to go there.i think the coffee smell was nauseating and the chairs became uncomfortable,i don't know it was weird.but in the past couple months i've been craving it and loving it again.even going alone and curling up on a little couch,coffee and's the best.
spent some time with niki and her new little boy troy.i think holding a newborn releases chemicals in your body or something,just makes you feel so fuzzy and good. made me want another one for sure.also seeing devin just play on his own [he's almost 3] and troy just laying there sleeping i'm like ya,i can do this.someday.

munki is going crazy.yesterday she somehow got on top of the fridge and stayed there for awhile.she keeps perching on top of the tv too.colin and i are concerned and i thought maybe she should go to counseling then colin suggested soaking prayer at church.i agree, now we need to gently approach munki about it.


shutterthink said...

I'll get Munki an application when I'm at church this afternoon. Maybe you should just leave it on top of the fridge for her to find on her own?

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

I'll definitely be keeping Munki in my prayers....I know it's not the easiest thing to go through, but you guys are strong-you can help her pull through....has she mentioned anything on myspace about it??????? hhhmmmmmm