Monday, October 29, 2007

time to read [i love parenthesis]

i'm just finishing 'she's come undone' which was painful to read.someone may let me borrow another book by the same author [wally lamb][which is a sweet name i think] and there's a couple others lying around but i am indeed on the lookout for some new reads.
today while under papa's watch saylor put a foil ball [munki's] in his mouth, and got his fingers stuck in the vcr.then with me he spilled a glass of water and best of all stuck his hands in the toilet water that definitly had some pee in it.awesome. as we approach 1 i keep thinking about from 1-2 it's just...babies-i mean the first year they change so rapidly and when they are 2 toilet training starts as does actual speaking and longer attention for playing with toys.and when you think about it,when one sees a baby that is say 15 months it's like ok ya baby.typical size you'd picture in your mind or something. not toddler,not infant-ya know? but still i know he's gonna grow and change so much in that year.then we'll just have to have some more.
worked out good today [i'm gonna say it was rich nathan spurring me on][it is fun to work out amongst my fellow vineyard folk] and then my mom made dinner.which is special as she does not cook very often anymore.tasty turkey tetrazini and again we made saylor laugh harder than he has ever laughed before.face red couldn't breathe crazy hysterical laughter. from tickling his chin. and shaking our head all crazy surprised when he would touch our face.babies are amazing [i always thought i would get bored playing silly games with him [as one often does baby-sitting anyhow] but i have so much fun playing with him and am in constant awe. aw i guess i still wanna just sit and read sometimes too but ya know. right now his playing is often just throwing things and touching things he shouldnt!]
we got a bunch of movies from el library this morning and brett and heath just dropped off some more for us so let the moviewatchingness begin!

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jenny mae. said...

i still love playing games with auggie, its more of a challenge now though for sure. for both of us - me to get him to laugh and him to loosen up and let out the sillies.