Saturday, October 13, 2007

i'm hungry

well wednesday night we played cornhole for over 3 was freezing and raining too.bring it! i'm ready for more,how can that be. watched ry thurs morning,timed perfectly with saylor's nap.then got ready and began my trip to indiana-and got a flat tire! oh my lord. i was so uneasy about this trip,was i somehow sensing something? i'm driving along [listening to the book unraveled on cd] and a car pulls up and frantically alerts me.i proceed to panic...i hyperventilated/cried a bit but overall i think i handled it ok.coulda been much worse.didn't get off an exit for at least another 5miles-then a gas station directed me to a big-o's tires.they were very nice.put on a new tire for me and saylor had fun throwing newspaper everywhere while we waited.bummed cuz i was gonna get there exactly when colin did but that put me 1/2hour behind.oh well.
saylor had fun with all the guys there and i put him in his stroller and he fell asleep while house of heroes was playing!! are you kidding me?! it was so loud. awesome! driving home with colin was fun we talked the whole way,so exhausted but worth it.
colin has just left again for 2more shows [grand rapids and chicago].yesterday we just hung out,it was great.picked up some bucadibeppo to go [so random i know] and watched children of men last night.oh and i had an asthma attack.crazy couldn't breathe.i haven't been living in the apartment since colin was gone so the air hasn't been circulated.but we need to vaccuum and dust more.i think it was dust mites,altho munki's making me pretty miserable too.i took claritin and it was still bad :(
oh and when saylor saw colin he got a huge smile,tilted his head into me shyly but then suddenly leaned over and stretched his arms toward his daddy.happy reunion.


shutterthink said...

Happy indeed.
So sorry about your flat, what the heck?!
Love you.

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

Oh the reunion...almost gave me tears of joy for them!!! So cute Daddy and Dori....(Dorian...they're both D's...I'm a dork). Ummm you were on the phone with me when the person pulled up beside you to tell you about your flat...just seconds before that you were saying how you had this weird feeling that something was wrong with your car, and we joked about walking the next 30-45 miles...yeah, then you were told about the left that vital information out :) When I move home, I have a game of Baggo...similar to cornhole, just called Baggo-cuz that's what our friends in Arizona that we first played it with called it....and we bought it off of's got a big O on it for OSU....Oh yeah, and have I told you it was in storage???? BOO!!!

Why do I always write you long comments??? My thoughts just flow to you I guess...You catch me right??