Wednesday, October 24, 2007

still wearing the black jacket

beckett ripped off a button but i sewed it back on and i'm s'posed to 'lay flat to dry' which means i end up wearing it while it's still damp.
anyone else ever attempt the challenge of trying to take off a jacket while driving? even my trusty black jacket was difficult for's hilarious.come winter with big bulky yet snug coats, and you get hot with the heat on and so the challenge begins.
i had lunch with a friend yesterday [first time one on one] and yep, had a big piece of food in my teeth.that thought had even occured to me, and i swished my water,apparently not good sucks but i think it's so funny too! i mean who cares.i'm comfortable enough with the person that it doesn't make me cringe too much :)
worked out tonight it was good so then we went to starbucks where i decided to get a cookie to counteract my workout. i am happy though as i've fallen in love with coffee hate for it begin when i got pregnant [why does this taste so awful? i was because saylor was forming inside me.] sooo...almost 20months?! so strange.
saylor laughed the hardest he's ever laughed in his life tonight.he keeps laughing harder everyday so it's awesome.i'd stack blocks and he'd knock them down and i'd act all disappointed and mad and i'd throw some of the blocks and he was in hyyyssterics.he know's his first sign too! HAT. kinda random but we can put on a hat and he'll do the sign! [he has a sign language dvd that teaches signs,that's where he learned hat. he loves it. we are teaching him some as well of course]
i'm off to play my turn in my online scrabble game with jenny


shutterthink said...

I thought I should tell you that the reason I bought that green bag from Target was so I could put all of the stuff I really need in the front two pockets and stuff Saylor in the main compartment next time I'm over and take him home with me. Word.

shutterthink said...

Oh, two more things.
I've started a list of 100 things and it's so fun, but it is consuming most of my thoughts--not good.
Also, have you watched the ABC show Samantha Who? It is so funny, you would love it. It's on Monday nights @ 930, so maybe you could watch it when you're babysitting. There have only been two episodes, so watch them online at before the next episode. Nick and I almost peed ourselves. Twice.

Kristin said...

online scrabble??! What??!!! How did i not know? AND I love picturing saylor laughing so hard.... it must be sooo cute. You should put a video up! love to you!!

shutterthink said...

Oh, and Sookie is Christina Applegate's bff in Samantha Who. Duh, that was the most important part.