Sunday, October 21, 2007

where the heck did my body of christ go?

a couple awesome things happened at church today. well primarily- julia pickerell spoke this morning and it was fantastic. the holy spirit was on her, and the congregation was receiving it. go julia!
but so i was walking up the stairs to a seat, worship playing, getting in the grove, and i see my ob/gyn as i walk up. we smile at each other, hey nice to see you,yes you see me naked and WHOOP i totally trip and my flip flop flies off and done the stairs. which means i have to run down after it and pick it up. it was embarassing-therefore awesome! pretty funny. then we are standing with the naumans and we all notice the worshiping woman in front of us has her piece of communion cracker stuck on the back of her skirt. it was so funny. we didn't know whether to say anything...come time for communion she was going to be searching for her cracker,confused! so i swiftly carefully plucked it off and set it by her little juice without her noticing. good laughs.
somehow by random circumstances i got stranded alone at a panera with chipotle to eat. the whole happening of it all was annoying and i don't get annoyed very easily and i wasn't annoyed with any particular person, but i did decide i just need to keep a book with me at all times. i was just staring off into space eating chipotle. at panera.alone. ok yes saylor was with me. i really don't mind eating alone in the least, but i gotta have something to read or a computer! it was painful and i tried to embrace it, oh just savor the meal, savor your son.. no.didn't happen. haha. oh well.
last night was good though. heather's famous carrot cake, sigh! in talking and hanging out with people, i felt reaffirmed and ya that was good.
spent the night at my parents as we are dog-sitting. colin always sleeps on my left but for some reason in my parents bed he slept on my right. saylor randomly started crying at 530 and i startled awake and started fishing for my glasses on the nightstand that turned out to be colin, not a nightstand. but it took me way too long to figure that out and i kept pushing into him.and he was pushing me back away, both of us not even really awake. haha!


Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

I'm reading this at work, and was laughing out-loud at the image of you searching for your glasses, and Colin just pushing you back...with Saylor just crying in the background 'get it together Mom & Dad!!!'

How on Earth did you end up alone at Panera?? And why would you be eating Chipotle at Panera??? Weirdo....


Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

I can't believe that I forgot to cmment about your fall as well! That enlightened my night at work last night. I can totally see that! And the cracker on the skirt-it was a busy weekend for you. Good thing laughing makes you feel good!