Wednesday, January 30, 2008


i always avoid the small forks at my parents house-because [this is good] when we had our cat precious [years ago] and the rare times we gave her wet food, i would always use a small fork to mash it up. so even though they were of course being washed i still avoided them.and now it's years later and the compulsive-ness still lingers.
i lost my keys for a day and eventually found them oh yes, in my purse.swear they werent there before.but it led me clean out the purse a bit and discover a couple good coupons.i go to stick them in my handy coupon envelope and the $16 is in there! i don't know why/how i put the money in there-kindof similar to me putting cheese in the food pantry a couple weeks ago.and there the cheese sat for several days until i sadly discovered it.i often stick random things like a box of cereal in the fridge too.these are small examples but it's like this all the time...
my mom says with each kid you are more scatterbrained and i'm happy to blame it on that.
today colin and i got a cool calender,a bit late but always good to at least wait till after the new year as they all go on clearance for just a couple bucks.ive always had calenders and feel i 'need one' hanging much like i 'need' white noise at night. last year we had a LOST calender and we were tempted to snag that one again but i felt the need for change and grabbed this one instead

the title sold itself. it's pretty awesome.
saylor pants had another getaway at granddude and juji's house last night. it was wonderful to have an evening and day to ourselves.
i played some serious mario brother's with heather and carri last night and it was just way too fun.carri and i have managed to get to the final castle 8-4 but there is a pattern of tunnels you have to go to and we cannot figure out the path.i think i need to go google that. it was quite funny though, chewing bubblee gum,sitting on the floor and taking turns yelling at the screen or our thumbs and rocking lucy, hoping she didn't hear the curse words.
when we picked up saylor he did not want to go to me! he clung on to judy and burst into tears when i tried to hold him. it was mostly funny but a tad heartbreaking.i am so happy that they love to spend time with him and that he loves it too. and i know he wants to stay with him because their house is amazing and they play nonstop with him letting him explore everything. and of course i know he loves me i am secure in our special relationship. but the sting is still there, it's only natural! i was so excited to see him it was the same feeling i get when i haven't seen colin in awhile. and he didn't want to see me! then the whole ride home he was either laughing hysterically [cuz mama was singing old mcdonald in a funny voice] or whiny/crying.cry/laugh/cry/laugh...i think he was a little keyed up from all the excitement of their house. but still i am SO grateful to have parents here that love to spend time with him. we have one more set of parents that would be awesome babysitters if they could just make their way to columbus.....maybe someday! we do need to make a trek to them soon.

Monday, January 28, 2008

love for lindy

one of my best friend's dog is dying and will have to be put to sleep. it is notable as i grew up with this dog and i love her and her family so much.i've known jayme since we were in our respective mother's wombs. they have had this dog for close to 16 years and i feel like it's the first dog i really loved.this is the only picture i have that i can's jayme's sister kelly and lindy.lindy is cuter in real life than this picture.kelly is always cute.

prayers and love to the family and what an amazing fam they are.fiercely close, super hilarious... i shall have to do a whole other post on the doyle family.i love them so much!

colin has taken to eating a turkey/spinach/tomato sandwich,and after polishing that off [i just wanted to write 'polishing' so bad] he makes and eats a pb&j. often a triple decker. i find this very amusing.and yesterday he ate THREE peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. and a turkey sandwich. going through bread like mad in the rigsby home.

saylor has learned to stick out his tongue and point at his nose when asked there they are... colin also has taught him 'smell your breath' and he blows out 'haaah'. it's only cute becaue he's a baby... and yesterday he- well first he ate a marker and we had to scrub brown off his face, hands and tongue [awesome] and then he figured out how to climb onto our coffee table.he has since fallen off it about 10 times but it's more fun than scary.

put saylor down for a nap...i'm so tired myself but should eat nap or eat nap or eat.....ok i'll just heat up my coffee i brought home from work....dum dee dum AAGH and i somehow throw the entire [grande] verona all over my kitchen. before i clean it up i quickly start a pot of coffee cuz darnit i'm gonna have some.then i clean up my mess and then take out the cream i just bought last night to discover i bought heavy whipping cream what the heck.i think i'm gonna try to make some whip cream out of it though because what else am i to do with it?

and random story number two
we pick up some things at kroger [not our favorite grocery but it's right there] and colin checks out as i run and grab some yogurt.i arrive as he's about to pay and i'm thinking sheesh that seems alot for what we bought.i can usually guess within 5 dollars how much everything will cost.. is this me or all women? we get in the car i snag the receipt-he forgot to use the kroger plus card.[though the chick didn't ask him for it either] there is no point in shopping there if you don't use that stupid card. pull over colin.i hop out, run in to the customer service and get $16.01 cash back. aah that's more like it.... then i lose the $ idea where it went.i apparently threw it out the window but it's cool, i still have the penny.

Friday, January 25, 2008

i dreamed about will ferrell last night

it was a pleasant dream.
been pretty busy spending alot of time with friends.i love our friends... my moms has watched saylor here and there so i've been able to work out more.i go back and forth whether i care enough to lose these last few lingering/stubborn/pregnancy pounds but ultimately i i've decided to really kick it into gear and actually put some genuine effort into this you know, walk the walk not just talk the..walk? talk? ...oh the plight of [most] every woman. but my parents even watched the boy last night and we escaped to dinner and some barnes and noble sit n'read time, one of our favorite things to do.
it's so dang cold we need groceries and i don't want to venture out there! mostly because this means bundling up and out of car seat.... i can't picture doing this with two or more kids! i'll just have to start odering groceries online when it's cold.
a random fun blog-
when she turned 29 she decided she would do something she'd never done before everyday until she turned 30.i don't generally read random people's blogs but i had fun looking at this one.i'd like to do something like that.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

i cannot give short answers

1. One book that changed your life-
ok yes the bible.and i'm trying to think of those reading times of epiphanies and 'aha moments' [was that phrase started by oprah? oh well] but can never remember...
OH ok here's one-the happiest baby on the block, by dr.harvey karp. i don't know what it is but we ate that book up and though simple, it taught us alot.

02. One book that you have read more than once
i immediately think of childhood as that is when i read books over and over. so i will name a few
the giver, night, help pink pig, aliens ate my homework [i don't know], all the babysitters club books, the phantom tollbooth,the island keeper,little women oh nostalgia....

03. One book you would want on a deserted Island
maybe war and peace, force myself to get through it

04. One book that made you laugh
me talk pretty one day-david sedaris.

05. One book that made you cry
a severe mercy.a must read [colin's parent's named their daughter after the main character]

06. One book that you wish had been written
i just feel like anything i'm curious,excited or need to learn about has gotta be out there somewhere, waiting to be read.

07. One book that you wish had never been written
oh i don't know.the countless dating/love and diet books, same thing over and over.

08. One book you are currently reading
i was reading 'fair game:my life as a spy, my betrayal by the white house'
just put on hold 'A year without "made in China" : one family's true life adventure in the global economy' no idea if its good just saw it
and happiest toddler on the block
i apparently cannot just say one

09. One book you have been meaning to read
i just love reading true stories/memoirs so if someone mentions something along those lines i'm on it.

10. Now I am supposed to tag 5 people
seeing as half of you have done it... :)
this is hard... i love to read... i love books.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

sleep deprivation

we got to bed at a decent hour, finally drifting off and a car alarm goes off, blaring loud. is blaring a word? i peek out into our little area [we live in this little chunk of apartments in this neighborhood, 3 buildings, around 15 apartments, limited parking. i actually like it and i know everyone around us and it's comforting] anyhow i don't know if it was one of our neighbors cars but the point is i got up and looked so was disrupted.finally falling back to sleep and saylor starts to cry. he stopped in like 30 seconds,didn't even wake up but of course since it woke me up i got up to peek on him anyway.he's fine of course. and i thought-it'd be ironic if someone texts or calls me cuz that'd be the other thing to wake me up.sure enough at 11:30 my lovely brother texts me something completely random.we text back and forth, he apologizes for waking me up, was just pooping and trying to entertain himself.good brother,good times.he can text me anytime he wants.
woke up briefly saying bye to colin,then again to him calling at 630am in a pickle.needed coverage at his store. well heck ya i'll work with my husband in charge... juju was all about watching i'm scrambling trying to get stuff together for me and the little guy and can't find my keys anywhere. colin and i interchange keys alot and i had a hunch that mine were somehow left in the passat.with colin.far far away. i call judy to say i won't be there as i don't have keys.pause.she offers to pick me up.oh yes please! i mean,how sweet.of course she was all about it because she wanted to be with was kinda random and funny but i'm glad i got to work with colin. it just felt like hanging out.and drinking coffee.and they all had fun playing with saylor of course.his sister gave him a bath in their sink and he played drums of course.and yep,my keys were in the passat.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

i love soy milk

the past few days we have felt so blessed by our friends. we are in a tight place financially,like never before...but we are happier than ever. so the dvd player broke,and my phone barely works, so a headlight disappeared from the passat and the honda can hardly be driven... so our paychecks are gone before they even arrive... se la vie we are so grateful for each other and our wonderful amazing family and friends. thank you lord.
we enjoyed some time with the lortons this past weekend, delicious enchiladas that seroiusly hit the spot.the time went too fast as we could probably talk all night. saturday was j.reuben's birthday time of soup/bread/beer [sounds about right] we decided a peanut butter/cereal birthday should be for me. meridith's beer bread must be given a shout out.i love you,bread.i will make you soon.
saturday is notable as it was saylor's first time spending the night away from his mommy.colin's mom was begging for a day spent with him and it just made sense for him to stay over and they'd bring him to church in the morning.i was sentimental/sad only as it was the big first time.she picked him up early morning and i cried as they drove off.well of course he had a blast and they had a ton of fun and all sent videos of him rummaging in their fridge,playing in the sink,playing drums... what a good boy! i didn't feel too weird without him,actually looking forward to doing it again. but i genuinely realized how much i missed him once he was back.aaah that's the stuff.
am enjoying my new starbucks home very much.great people.
got to spend time with jenny and beth and jenny made us lunch.. i keep talking about food but first of all yum.secondly i keep being fed by my friends that can seriously cook.its amazing.thank, cheesecake. that's all i need to say.oh,homemade pizza. ok. also,good times.
h&t surprised us with little somethings on our porch and we were quite excited and felt blessed.yes this is friendship,this is living like Jesus...i love things like this...blessing,surprises, giving, thoughtfulness it fills my heart. THANK YOU we are grateful and inspired to pass on the love.
and we are getting a free espresso machine from colin's manager as she does not want it any more. soy lattes coming up, every night at the rigsbys.
tonight saylor walked to his pushcart,pushed it in a circle-hit his barn magnent to make music-shook his booty then walked opened arms for a big embrace to either me or colin. over and over and over and never got old for him, but neither for us.still amazed by his walking.and loving his desire for repeated hugs.laughing at his dancing and smothering him with tickles and kisses. we are rich.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

he walks!

saylor officially started walking today! it was crazy how much i couldn't stop smiling.he can take 15 or so steps before he stops or falls. but he is realizing how fun it is and kept holding out his arms and going at it again and again.i remember how he took forever to start crawling and then bam he was the fastest constant crawler overnight...i watched him today so excited and aware that the novelty will so quickly wear off and my little baby will be walking...talking..such a big boy.
the past two nights heather and i have gone crazy playing [the orignal] nintendo mario brothers.we warp right to level 8 but still can't beat it.the problem is-one remote has a spastic A button so you jump randomly and the other remote's B button rarely works at all-so that you cannot build momentum for big we have a method of pausing and switching the remotes at certain parts for certain needs,it's pretty humorous.i think she's going to buy a new one on ebay tomorrow.well,new,used whatever.not broken.oh,nintendo.
also got to visit lucy goosy in the hospital today and there is just something so amazing about holding a tiny feels so good.all swaddled up,made me want another one.and saylor seemed so big it was strange.
we took some video of saylor on our mac here but i can't figure out how to upload it online at all.oh sheesh.well hopefully i'll figure it out.....

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

welcome lucy

saylor's future wife was born last night.yay! all is well with lucy grey and the fam.
although if they aren't getting along i would totally not mind if saylor and olive hooked long as it's ok with you jenny.
i had the fortunate opportunity to spend some QT with the little miss and she was was a busy tiring day but surprisingly the most serene chunk of it all was when i was babysitting two children on top of my own.mostly it was just olive with me and say and they were so cute she just followed him around and it was mostly very quiet except the occasional coo,growl and 'da-dat'. he is starting mini tantrums...getting upset if we take him away from something he really wants to play with [for example a plug, a lamp,a toilet] he was taking toys away from olive and holding them close although i did tell him to share and he did. like once.he is even whining and squirming to not go to bed,arching his back when i try to rock him-pointing to the door,let me out mama! and he is getting very picky about his food shaking his adamently when i try to feed him something he doesn't want.actually i think he's wanting to feed himself more.oh boy here we go.we are heading to toddlerhood.could it really be? are we ready to go there? i am so excited.i've always been very comfortable/confident with newborns,babies... having a toddler seemed daunting.exhausting.and the thought of raising a teenager i can't even think about oh man.ah. but my mom said she enjoyed every stage of us growing up-still enjoys seeing us grow so i'm sure that's how it is.because yes i cannot WAIT for him to start talking.and walking.[he did take about 4 steps today! and he stands alone pretty confidently but still for the most part does not want to try to walk] so yes, one day at a time.
countdown 3 weeks and 2 days until LOST!

Friday, January 4, 2008

the house on riverview

we spent the night at his parents house last night as they are out of town and for a variety of reasons it made sense to come shoot this house is amazing.i can't even describe it.[the current little picture of saylor on the left is him outside on their upper deck looking at the water] the only thing that's a bit difficult is that it's very open so you can hear everything and see any light that's on if you're upstairs.and there are huge windows everywhere [showing beautiful river] but they don't have any curtains or anything...all this to say we put saylor to bed in their closet.[in a crib of course]i thought that was funny.we then decided we really wanted to take a bath in their huge bathtub [that has a beautiful view of the river] it's really luxorious so colin starts it but does not close the drain all the way so the tub fills about 1/3 and won't get any higher....and it runs out of hot water.aaw maan.but we have a plan and i can't believe he agreed to do this with me.yes, we turned on all..what do you call it.. stovetop? rangers?...anyhow we started boiling huge pots of water on the stove and carefully walking to and pouring them in the tub.we did this over and over..didn't do much but we still got in the tub darnit and enjoyed it.
sidenote there was a plate with cake on it that i somehow dropped and broke.smashed. then colin spilled a box of penne pasta,and i'll tell you those little guys are hard to sweep up they do not want to be contained.and then i broke the crib.saylor is in it right now,at a slant because one side has fallen through to the ground.poor guy broken bed, in a closet! haha. well we made our mark here for the night sheesh.
i put him down for a nap an hour ago-for christmas he got a gloworm that lights up and plays a song if you press his chest.that is all i have heard in the monitor for an hour now.the's putting me to sleep i don't know about him.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

good [sesame street] songs

eventually we will use our camera more,eventually i will be better at uploading pics and even videos.for now i share what i can. that being randomness.
the first song amber start singing the other day it jolted my memory and hasn't left my head.the second one is a favorite of mine that i sing all the time. ... enjoy the nostalgia and thank you MD!

i got a new way to walk

kids just love to brush

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

yay for 2008

when i think '5 years ago' i still want to think thats 1995.i just stop at 2000 for some reason. 5 years ago was 2003?! wild. we had a nice new years with a lovely dinner at rouse's with wonderful friends. saylor went to...i don't think we've determined how to spell this-colin's mom is going by ju-jee. like ju for judy and g for grandma i guess.i sometimes just say juju so we'll see.and colin's dad claimed he was gran-dude from the moment he found out i was pregnant. i like it even if some other people don't.saylor will prolly call him du-du or something who knows. but it was nice although i was very tired eyeing the clock [or rather eyeing my clock on my phone] trying to hold out till was funny because several people left even before midnight.are we getting old? yes that and children and jobs are more prevalent as well.last new years colin and i did not do anything.saylor was only a couple weeks old and we went to sleep around 9 or 10.that was special in it's own way though.i am still shocked at how this year has flown by..i was talking to joleen about how fast it goes at the rouses. she is mama to 5month old ella [her daddy is a photographer so thats a fun picture of her]...
i guess 2007 was the most life changing amazing year of my life so far for obvious reasons.we are so blessed.i still stare at him in awe every single day... saylor that is. but it was chock full of many other changes and much love and fun.
i pray for continual guidance from jesus and blessing in 2008 for everyone.
i want to post a couple youtube videos but i can't seem to figure out how...?