Friday, January 4, 2008

the house on riverview

we spent the night at his parents house last night as they are out of town and for a variety of reasons it made sense to come shoot this house is amazing.i can't even describe it.[the current little picture of saylor on the left is him outside on their upper deck looking at the water] the only thing that's a bit difficult is that it's very open so you can hear everything and see any light that's on if you're upstairs.and there are huge windows everywhere [showing beautiful river] but they don't have any curtains or anything...all this to say we put saylor to bed in their closet.[in a crib of course]i thought that was funny.we then decided we really wanted to take a bath in their huge bathtub [that has a beautiful view of the river] it's really luxorious so colin starts it but does not close the drain all the way so the tub fills about 1/3 and won't get any higher....and it runs out of hot water.aaw maan.but we have a plan and i can't believe he agreed to do this with me.yes, we turned on all..what do you call it.. stovetop? rangers?...anyhow we started boiling huge pots of water on the stove and carefully walking to and pouring them in the tub.we did this over and over..didn't do much but we still got in the tub darnit and enjoyed it.
sidenote there was a plate with cake on it that i somehow dropped and broke.smashed. then colin spilled a box of penne pasta,and i'll tell you those little guys are hard to sweep up they do not want to be contained.and then i broke the crib.saylor is in it right now,at a slant because one side has fallen through to the ground.poor guy broken bed, in a closet! haha. well we made our mark here for the night sheesh.
i put him down for a nap an hour ago-for christmas he got a gloworm that lights up and plays a song if you press his chest.that is all i have heard in the monitor for an hour now.the's putting me to sleep i don't know about him.


jenny mae. said...

the heat-up-water-on-the-stove trick was my entire first two years of marriage in a rat trap of an apartment in dayton. so full of love but the ghetto-ness! the rent was an astounding $325!! complete with a water heater the size of a shoe box no doubt.

shutterthink said...

I think--no I am sure--that you are finally rubbing off on Colin. I love that he went along with your splendid idea. Love you, dear.