Wednesday, January 2, 2008

yay for 2008

when i think '5 years ago' i still want to think thats 1995.i just stop at 2000 for some reason. 5 years ago was 2003?! wild. we had a nice new years with a lovely dinner at rouse's with wonderful friends. saylor went to...i don't think we've determined how to spell this-colin's mom is going by ju-jee. like ju for judy and g for grandma i guess.i sometimes just say juju so we'll see.and colin's dad claimed he was gran-dude from the moment he found out i was pregnant. i like it even if some other people don't.saylor will prolly call him du-du or something who knows. but it was nice although i was very tired eyeing the clock [or rather eyeing my clock on my phone] trying to hold out till was funny because several people left even before midnight.are we getting old? yes that and children and jobs are more prevalent as well.last new years colin and i did not do anything.saylor was only a couple weeks old and we went to sleep around 9 or 10.that was special in it's own way though.i am still shocked at how this year has flown by..i was talking to joleen about how fast it goes at the rouses. she is mama to 5month old ella [her daddy is a photographer so thats a fun picture of her]...
i guess 2007 was the most life changing amazing year of my life so far for obvious reasons.we are so blessed.i still stare at him in awe every single day... saylor that is. but it was chock full of many other changes and much love and fun.
i pray for continual guidance from jesus and blessing in 2008 for everyone.
i want to post a couple youtube videos but i can't seem to figure out how...?


meridith said...

it was lovely to spend new years with you :)
posting the youtube videos is pretty easy. just go to the page of the video you want to post at and over to the left they have the code for you, it says "embed" over it. just select that line of code, copy it and paste it into your blog post and publish it. you can also type over or under it, just leave the code exactly how it is.

saylor days said...

yes it was great ringing in the new year with you :) here's to seeing more of each other in 2008.thank you so much for your computer help!

Happy Hippie said...

Grand-dude and Dodo! Oh my gosh that is cute! Here's to 2008, may it be even better than your last and you know blessings beyond measure!