Friday, January 25, 2008

i dreamed about will ferrell last night

it was a pleasant dream.
been pretty busy spending alot of time with friends.i love our friends... my moms has watched saylor here and there so i've been able to work out more.i go back and forth whether i care enough to lose these last few lingering/stubborn/pregnancy pounds but ultimately i i've decided to really kick it into gear and actually put some genuine effort into this you know, walk the walk not just talk the..walk? talk? ...oh the plight of [most] every woman. but my parents even watched the boy last night and we escaped to dinner and some barnes and noble sit n'read time, one of our favorite things to do.
it's so dang cold we need groceries and i don't want to venture out there! mostly because this means bundling up and out of car seat.... i can't picture doing this with two or more kids! i'll just have to start odering groceries online when it's cold.
a random fun blog-
when she turned 29 she decided she would do something she'd never done before everyday until she turned 30.i don't generally read random people's blogs but i had fun looking at this one.i'd like to do something like that.


Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

Pretty cool idea-I checked out that blog...kinda inspiring! So was Will your friend?? I'm not a friend of the bundling up either. Once we get outside Emily always wants to run around too; no matter how cold it is. What's up with that??

saylor days said...

haha i don't think saylor has walked outdoors yet.we should let him.ya will and i were friends, just shootin' the his house.

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

I'll have a dream like that with Tim every now and time it was a little awkward with Faith, cuz Tim and I had gotten so close...

Happy Hippie said...

Was Will funny in your dream? I had a dream about Ryan Seacrest ?! I had alot of mexican food late that night, this is my best excuse for that dream.
So cute, a date night at Barnes and Noble. You two are awesome.
p.s. I found that shirt I was looking for, for Saylor. Guess where it was...hanging in the closet where it belongs! LOL! I gotta tell you, I am such a flake this January! We'll have to get together so I can drop it off.