Monday, January 28, 2008

love for lindy

one of my best friend's dog is dying and will have to be put to sleep. it is notable as i grew up with this dog and i love her and her family so much.i've known jayme since we were in our respective mother's wombs. they have had this dog for close to 16 years and i feel like it's the first dog i really loved.this is the only picture i have that i can's jayme's sister kelly and lindy.lindy is cuter in real life than this picture.kelly is always cute.

prayers and love to the family and what an amazing fam they are.fiercely close, super hilarious... i shall have to do a whole other post on the doyle family.i love them so much!

colin has taken to eating a turkey/spinach/tomato sandwich,and after polishing that off [i just wanted to write 'polishing' so bad] he makes and eats a pb&j. often a triple decker. i find this very amusing.and yesterday he ate THREE peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. and a turkey sandwich. going through bread like mad in the rigsby home.

saylor has learned to stick out his tongue and point at his nose when asked there they are... colin also has taught him 'smell your breath' and he blows out 'haaah'. it's only cute becaue he's a baby... and yesterday he- well first he ate a marker and we had to scrub brown off his face, hands and tongue [awesome] and then he figured out how to climb onto our coffee table.he has since fallen off it about 10 times but it's more fun than scary.

put saylor down for a nap...i'm so tired myself but should eat nap or eat nap or eat.....ok i'll just heat up my coffee i brought home from work....dum dee dum AAGH and i somehow throw the entire [grande] verona all over my kitchen. before i clean it up i quickly start a pot of coffee cuz darnit i'm gonna have some.then i clean up my mess and then take out the cream i just bought last night to discover i bought heavy whipping cream what the heck.i think i'm gonna try to make some whip cream out of it though because what else am i to do with it?

and random story number two
we pick up some things at kroger [not our favorite grocery but it's right there] and colin checks out as i run and grab some yogurt.i arrive as he's about to pay and i'm thinking sheesh that seems alot for what we bought.i can usually guess within 5 dollars how much everything will cost.. is this me or all women? we get in the car i snag the receipt-he forgot to use the kroger plus card.[though the chick didn't ask him for it either] there is no point in shopping there if you don't use that stupid card. pull over colin.i hop out, run in to the customer service and get $16.01 cash back. aah that's more like it.... then i lose the $ idea where it went.i apparently threw it out the window but it's cool, i still have the penny.


Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

You're so funny-you have the penny!! Maybe you'll find that money one day when you really, really, really, really need it (as if that isn't now!). I do have to say clearly a tourettes moment dear-with the sorry-I do feel your pain though....all of us tourette-ees do. And lastly-I too am saddened to hear about Lindy...I hope they are all holding up.

Trevor said...

Where is Colin storing all of this food?! I can't believe the man can eat so much!
Poor you having to scrub Saylors tongue!
So very sorry to hear about your friends dog. Many prayers.

Happy Hippie said...

Sorry, that wasn't Trevor, it was Holly, I didn't realize he was logged in! :P