Tuesday, January 15, 2008

i love soy milk

the past few days we have felt so blessed by our friends. we are in a tight place financially,like never before...but we are happier than ever. so the dvd player broke,and my phone barely works, so a headlight disappeared from the passat and the honda can hardly be driven... so our paychecks are gone before they even arrive... se la vie we are so grateful for each other and our wonderful amazing family and friends. thank you lord.
we enjoyed some time with the lortons this past weekend, delicious enchiladas that seroiusly hit the spot.the time went too fast as we could probably talk all night. saturday was j.reuben's birthday time of soup/bread/beer [sounds about right] we decided a peanut butter/cereal birthday should be for me. meridith's beer bread must be given a shout out.i love you,bread.i will make you soon.
saturday is notable as it was saylor's first time spending the night away from his mommy.colin's mom was begging for a day spent with him and it just made sense for him to stay over and they'd bring him to church in the morning.i was sentimental/sad only as it was the big first time.she picked him up early morning and i cried as they drove off.well of course he had a blast and they had a ton of fun and all sent videos of him rummaging in their fridge,playing in the sink,playing drums... what a good boy! i didn't feel too weird without him,actually looking forward to doing it again. but i genuinely realized how much i missed him once he was back.aaah that's the stuff.
am enjoying my new starbucks home very much.great people.
got to spend time with jenny and beth and jenny made us lunch.. i keep talking about food but first of all yum.secondly i keep being fed by my friends that can seriously cook.its amazing.thank you.so, cheesecake. that's all i need to say.oh,homemade pizza. ok. also,good times.
h&t surprised us with little somethings on our porch and we were quite excited and felt blessed.yes this is friendship,this is living like Jesus...i love things like this...blessing,surprises, giving, thoughtfulness it fills my heart. THANK YOU we are grateful and inspired to pass on the love.
and we are getting a free espresso machine from colin's manager as she does not want it any more. soy lattes coming up, every night at the rigsbys.
tonight saylor walked to his pushcart,pushed it in a circle-hit his barn magnent to make music-shook his booty then walked opened arms for a big embrace to either me or colin. over and over and over and over.it never got old for him, but neither for us.still amazed by his walking.and loving his desire for repeated hugs.laughing at his dancing and smothering him with tickles and kisses. we are rich.


shutterthink said...

Oh, I just loved this post.

PS: Decaf soy lattes, right? :)

meridith said...

i think i have an extra dvd player somewhere. i know that sounds weird but somehow i wound up with an extra one. if yours can't be fixed you are welcome to it. :)

jenny mae. said...

this is indeed living as jesus did i feel, constant commune with his fellow man. it's important for all kinds of reasons. sanity! accountability! fellowship! it does a world of good to spend an afternoon with good people even if we talk about nothing of real consequence. and remember when we had narry two pence to rub together and you blessed us with bag after bag of food? that is 1/1,000,000th of the blessing you have reaped onto my life

saylor days said...

meridith i think i may take you up on that! we just snagged one from my parents house and it totally doesn't work either so we've got nothin'. so yes if you want we'd love to borrow it! we could return it as soon as we can get a new one.

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

Ohhh I love you!!! You are such a good example of how I need to be grateful for what we have...thank you!

Happy Hippie said...

Ohhh did someone say Lattes?! What a wonderfully warm post, Lady. Very warm indeed!