Thursday, January 3, 2008

good [sesame street] songs

eventually we will use our camera more,eventually i will be better at uploading pics and even videos.for now i share what i can. that being randomness.
the first song amber start singing the other day it jolted my memory and hasn't left my head.the second one is a favorite of mine that i sing all the time. ... enjoy the nostalgia and thank you MD!

i got a new way to walk

kids just love to brush


Happy Hippie said...

Oh man those take me back! Sesame street had some of the best songs! Kids Just Love to Brush!!! Now I have to get that out of my head:)Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

meridith said...

good job!!! you even put two up, that's great :)
as you know i LOVE me some old sesame street nostalgia!