Wednesday, January 30, 2008


i always avoid the small forks at my parents house-because [this is good] when we had our cat precious [years ago] and the rare times we gave her wet food, i would always use a small fork to mash it up. so even though they were of course being washed i still avoided them.and now it's years later and the compulsive-ness still lingers.
i lost my keys for a day and eventually found them oh yes, in my purse.swear they werent there before.but it led me clean out the purse a bit and discover a couple good coupons.i go to stick them in my handy coupon envelope and the $16 is in there! i don't know why/how i put the money in there-kindof similar to me putting cheese in the food pantry a couple weeks ago.and there the cheese sat for several days until i sadly discovered it.i often stick random things like a box of cereal in the fridge too.these are small examples but it's like this all the time...
my mom says with each kid you are more scatterbrained and i'm happy to blame it on that.
today colin and i got a cool calender,a bit late but always good to at least wait till after the new year as they all go on clearance for just a couple bucks.ive always had calenders and feel i 'need one' hanging much like i 'need' white noise at night. last year we had a LOST calender and we were tempted to snag that one again but i felt the need for change and grabbed this one instead

the title sold itself. it's pretty awesome.
saylor pants had another getaway at granddude and juji's house last night. it was wonderful to have an evening and day to ourselves.
i played some serious mario brother's with heather and carri last night and it was just way too fun.carri and i have managed to get to the final castle 8-4 but there is a pattern of tunnels you have to go to and we cannot figure out the path.i think i need to go google that. it was quite funny though, chewing bubblee gum,sitting on the floor and taking turns yelling at the screen or our thumbs and rocking lucy, hoping she didn't hear the curse words.
when we picked up saylor he did not want to go to me! he clung on to judy and burst into tears when i tried to hold him. it was mostly funny but a tad heartbreaking.i am so happy that they love to spend time with him and that he loves it too. and i know he wants to stay with him because their house is amazing and they play nonstop with him letting him explore everything. and of course i know he loves me i am secure in our special relationship. but the sting is still there, it's only natural! i was so excited to see him it was the same feeling i get when i haven't seen colin in awhile. and he didn't want to see me! then the whole ride home he was either laughing hysterically [cuz mama was singing old mcdonald in a funny voice] or whiny/crying.cry/laugh/cry/laugh...i think he was a little keyed up from all the excitement of their house. but still i am SO grateful to have parents here that love to spend time with him. we have one more set of parents that would be awesome babysitters if they could just make their way to columbus.....maybe someday! we do need to make a trek to them soon.


Happy Hippie said...

Yippee $16 dollars found! Love the chicken calendar!

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...
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Kristin said...

I love the little glimpse into your life that I get through your blog. I can just hear your voice in my head and see you in your apartment (or I guess in your old apartment that was the same) and little saylor and your chicken calendar. I can see you going back into kroger to get the 16 bucks and spilling your coffee. wearing colored socks, I bet. I miss you. :O( Your blog cheered me up after a bad day.

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

I'm such a dummy.....