Sunday, February 3, 2008

we have a toddler on our hands

saylor is morphing into a toddler.the past few days have been unusually difficult with him whining/throwing a fit when he doesn't get his way.he's also waking up early and not eating well though and two teeth are coming in so i know he's teething.i need to dive back into 'the happiest toddler on the block' as i feel like i don't know how to respond to him sometimes and i want to be consistent. and we say 'the happiest baby on the block' saved our sanity when he was a newborn so hopefully the toddler book has some nuggets. carri had a rough few nights with lucy and it was funny to have the tables turn and me reassure her it was normal and everything will be different in mere weeks since they change/grow so quickly.she of course knows this but i also know her feeling of wanting to talk to everyone to hear their words of wisdom [even if its nothing new] and mostly's been fun to swaddle and rock lucy though, making me think alot about having another.i kinda crave it but i'm also way ok with just saylor for now.
colin always wore thin little gloves or worse the gloves with no my experience both just make my hands colder.i would go gloveless and my hands would stay warmer than his.i've been telling him this for years.finally the other day he consented and i took out the winter box and he rummaged and took my black mittens.the boy is in love.he's wearing them all the time 'oh my hands are so warm!' but i just love when he's talking and wearing them as he uses his hands to talk it and i think it's really cute and it makes me laugh.
MY SISTER IS MOVING HOME! in a couple weeks! nncha nncha nncha nncha do a little dance.
my throat hurts and my body aches i hope it doesn't get worse i've started the [amazing] zicam.


jenny mae. said...

i saw carrie at kroger. we exchanged some mama wisdom and encouragement.

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

I bet when he talks with his hands with the mittens on-he looks like he has paws.

saylor days said...

PAWS that must be why it's so endearing to me! oh dear.oh that made me laugh.youre going to be making fun of me more when youre home cuz you are going to be seeing me in action.

Happy Hippie said...

The toddler faze, Oh man! That is a doozie! Read everything you can and whatever you do stand firm with your no's. In my experience, it will pass in a year.
Congrats on your sis moving home! How fun!

Kelly*Marie said...

Hi Michelle. I got one of these too. You basically made me want one because you are just so freaking funny.

shutterthink said...

Nncha nncha is so funny. I think God made Saylor as cute as he is for a reason--it sort of overcomes the arching of the back and whining on occasion, ya know?