Saturday, February 16, 2008

thank god for jesus

it has been such an overwhelming week i purposely avoided writing because i don't know what to say. jenny's post from feb 8th has explained some of last week in her own beautiful words.
Praise be to Jesus, blessed be his glorious name.
i am so blessed to have a husband that puts Jesus first, that trusts in the Lord and seeks him first for guidance. god is in control and we feel peace knowing that we have turned things over to him. we don't know what tomorrow brings us, we cannot count on anything. but no matter what we have our faith and nothing can separate us from Jesus and that is exciting and comforting.
friday was the memorial service for beatrix was so so very sad but beautiful. i am amazed at the community of friends we have.i am so's hard to think there are other groups of friends out there, ones as beautiful and wonderful as the ones i know.i assume there is but as we grow older and as we surround each other more in good times and in bad..i don't know what i'd do without them....last night some of us women came together and spent [over 4 hours!] praying for each other.hopefully this is something we can keep up doing.
i cannot wait for my sister to finally move her little tush here.


Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

What an awesome group of people you surround yourself with!! So amazing to have friends like that. Thanks for calling it a "little" obviously haven't seen me in awhile :) Maybe we'll do something this weekend??!!

jenny mae. said...

i also am amazed at our group of friends. i have never had such a gathering of like minds and hearts before. it feels almost odd to be part of such a group. like how can 30, 40, 50, or more people have so much in common? i guess when you have the foundation of Jesus and are nurtured by the same sort of spiritual "food" it makes more sense than i think but still, we are so blessed.