Friday, September 18, 2009

movies i was surprised i liked

i love movies and books. always reading and always watching something...anyhow,in my humble opinion...movies i wasn't expecting to like...but did...

the women
all women cast, even the extras. it's actually a remake of a play,then a movie in the early 30's. i love debra messing! i'd like to own this one, as it fits my criteria of being able to watch it over and over.

17 again
rented this with a couple girlfriends and really didn't expect to even pay attention to it. but we laughed and laughed. the casting is great, the humor is great- similar to mean girls. i actually want to own this movie too.

then she found me
i don't remember how i came across this movie.. and i will say the first half of it i was wondering if i still liked it. but it's a great story and the ending it so beautiful..i fell in love. i've always loved helen hunt. my love of bette midler is confined to beaches..but she plays her character well.. great story.

georgia rule
i think i was most surprised by this one. grabbed it at the library and boredom was the only thing that made me give it a chance. it was so good. the actresses are brilliant they play their characters so so well. the story is heartbreaking.

honorable mentions: rachel getting married, ghost town