Sunday, September 28, 2008


ok haven't had a computer for a few days and i'm going a little crazy..will have one wednesday YAY.and now here i am with a small fraction of a second while i try to look for hotels...and ill take this little second and write a pointless blog. good times.

i've been tagged by lindsay!
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1. i have a weird grossed out fear of people folding their ears or mine. it's like nails on a chalkboard it totally freaks me out. too many of my family and friends know this and like to try to bend my ear or fold theirs when i'm looking. and it's not funny people. i'm also grossed out by milk that has been out of the fridge for longer than about four seconds.

2. i constantly put my thumb between my index and middle fingers like i'm signing the letter T. i do this ALL the time it's a security feeling. but here's the thing, i never did this until i got pregnant. i don't know how it's related but it started then and i do it all the time now. also when i got pregnant i started to like dogs whereas before i didn't care so much for them. i'm assuming that's somehow a maternal thing.

3. my phone is with me sits in my lap when i drive and on the table when i eat, i'm one of those people. it's never fully charged and i currently have 759 pictures on there and 187 videos

4. i have water with me all the time. often it is a ice venti starbucks cup. if i somehow forget water,first thing i do when i enter a building is get water, even at church. i do drink more water than most people but often i don't drink water i bring, i just need it there.

5. sometimes, all the sudden,i think about carbon monoxide. and if i'm home i open the window a smidge and if i'm in the car i'll open the window a smidge. this, i realize, would not do much of anything but at that moment it brings relief to my irrational mind.

6. i just texted a couple people and asked them whats something weird/quirky thing about me... then i realized that is pretty quirky. i do this a lot- i'm indecisive and also pretty unaware of myself so when people ask me something about myself i let someone else answer. 'whats your favorite color' 'hmm. i don't know.. colin, whats my favorite color?'
my sister wrote back one word 'paw'. this is because apparently i use my hands when i talk and i keep the whole palm together when i'm pointing or whatever and for years she has pointed it out. i could be talking passionately about something to her and shes nodding and says 'paw' and keeps nodding.sometimes she just calls me paw. but i don't think i make a paw i never notice! she exaggerates, surely.

i'm sure i'll think of plenty of other weird things about me as i feel like i'm the oddest person i to tag others
1. sarah
2. BETH come on!
3. jenny
4. meredith ya?
5. kristin [if you need a distraction/have time love!]
6. um who else reads this :) i'm going to say YOU and make that all inclusive

Saturday, September 27, 2008

gearing up for goodbye

i've been trying to switch over to decaf coffee as i've slowly become quite dependent on the caffeine. i had not a lick of coffee when i was pregnant, couldn't even bear the smell of it. why and how did i manage to get back on this addiction!? gah. so i got a pound of pike place and a pound of decaf pike place and i was slowly adding more decaf grounds to my daily brew. i was finally half regular and half decaf, proud of myself and getting excited to convert completely to decaf when i noticed something. my pound of decaf pike place.. was NOT decaf it is fully CAF. i asked for decaf, i assumed it was decaf, i never glanced to verify [another example of how not-visual i am] even when colin said 'why do we have two pounds of pike place?' i said 'oh, no, one of them is decaf. i'm easing into decaf!' i realized the tragic error the day after i said that. all this time, i'm thinking wow, i'm responding well to this, no crazy headaches, this is great...all this time i was opening both of them, carefully scooping and proportioning... scooping the same caffeinated coffee from two different bags!! now i gotta start the whole process over again.
jenny and i saw a screening of 'orgasmic birth' on thursday night. it was SO good. i feel orgasmic birth explained [a little more than 'the business of being born'] why it is beneficial for mom and baby to have a natural childbirth, and gave a great picture of how beautiful and empowering it can was very thorough and i just wish i could get a copy soon so i can share it with people! it is worth watching i think many people have preconceived notions of midwives/homebirths... this will give a better visual for people i hope. of course it made me very excited for next time around, [as long as me and baby are healthy] i plan to have a natural childbirth,YAY.
colin is leaving in a few days. i kept feeling like he was still here for a couple more weeks but what do you know, it's almost october. i plan to watch the gilmore girls series again when he is gone, adventurous i know. i like to make lists of things to do when he's gone [from cleaning the bathtub to getting new sunglasses, whatever] so feel free to give me ideas to help speed through october. i know! i should make saylor a halloween costume. or maybe just come up with an idea for a costume and then purchase it....

Monday, September 22, 2008

i'm not feelin' the 'celebrity' ballroom dancing.

my sister is trying to get me into dancing with the stars... but i don't think it can top so you think you can dance. doesn't ballroom get old after awhile? i'm willing to watch a bit and see.. i mean, might as well! nothing else is on my no-cable tv. EXCEPT the office comes back next week! yay, looking forward to 30 rock even more. and LOST even more than that.
i went to an ENT doctor today for my ears. and the results were interesting folks. he was very nice and very thorough. this is the best part. the white spots in my left ear? residue from the ear drops a i used a couple weeks ago. are you kidding me, how did my regular doc not figure this out?! and the pain i have now with the sinus pressure/tingling is none other than your good ol'fashioned TMJ [temporomandibular joint disorder]. at first i was unsure of this diagnosis. it seemed like a default fall-back response. the doctor sat and talked with me though and i felt like he answered all my questions. i guess my swollen ear from a couple weeks ago is not related and he said both my ears look very healthy. [thank you garlic? i told him i'd been putting garlic cloves in my ear and he laughed for awhile. he said he knew garlic oil could work but did not know about cloves. but i am used to doctors thinking i do weird things so it was more humorous than anything]. anyhow come to realize from talking with him and further research at home i DO have a ton of symptoms of TMJ!! even the sinus pressure, neck pain and migraines i didn't realize that could be related. i always thought of TMJ more connected with jaw pain but apparently ear pain is common too. and yes they have been clicking/popping when i'm chewing or yawning or even burping but i still wasn't thinking TMJ. all that to say i think he may be correct and all he suggested was a hot compress 20 minutes on my ear, stop chewing gum, go easy on 'hard foods' [my almonds?!] and advil for a few days. we didn't discuss why/how often it flares up except he thinks its not really related to being stressed/tense. there you have it i'm glad i don't have a yeast infection in my ear and i'm bout to heat up a rice sock and see how that works....
saylor hugging a pumpkin and cousin emily at the zoo

and now just to show there are more pictures in my world than saylor a few recent pics that i like
fresh home from brazil-amber made us a casserole!

me in a dress! hoovie and i at matt and april's wedding.

i'm not sure why i like these, one at dinner for colin's birthday,then friends on the couch at irene's baby shower...i just love and treasure my friends so much i guess i like the intimacy it captured. though yes i am kinda giving the finger in second picture.

i swear i'm going to start clicking away at all my amigos and then i'm gonna plaster their faces all over my blog.
on a completely different note, i wanted to post this video. it is sad and i cried, but at the same time it is so beautiful and inspiring. my heart will CHOOSE to say BLESSED be the name of the LORD.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

ears, face and feet randomness.

i don't even know what's going on with my i was given ear drops a couple weeks ago for an infection in my left ear, it was very swollen the doctor said he'd never seen anything like it. i went back to the doc yesterday as the swelling is gone but there is still pain, now in both ears. the doc looks in the left ear and says AGAIN i've never seen anything like this in my life and walks out of the room. COME ON. you cannot do that do an anxious little bird like myself! apparently my right ear has an infection and my left ear has white spots in i googled that and a bunch of websites came up for this problem in HORSES. horses. the doc brings in the same guy as last time for the 2nd opinion and he then says he thinks its a fungus or something and even asks 'what do you do?' i don't know what he was suggesting...i got sick repeatedly a few months ago and was on several different rounds of antibiotics,plus the drops in my ear a couple weeks ago,and too much antibiotics can be bad for the body, killing good bacteria. that was all the doctor could come up with for what this could be. he ends up giving me a prescription for some more ear drops for 2 weeks and if that doesn't work, a pill.that's all he said to me. i asked colin to pick them up and he comes home with just the pill.. for a vaginal yeast infection. indeed. i do not have the prescription for the drops as there was miscommunication to the pharmacy but the pharmacist told me he didn't understand why the doctor would prescribe this, he doesn't think i should take it and it doesn't make any sense....great. my friend B who worked at a pharmacy for years told me that yeast infections are very common when taking antibiotics and can grow anywhere on the body [sorry if this is getting gross for people] she suggested i just take that pill. but when i look up yeast infections in the ear all that comes up is this problem in DOGS! what's going ON!? and for the rare instance it is in people, it lists symptoms that i do not have.i am confused and annoyed and anxious about it all....i may try to go to another doctor this week though i don't know if i can squeeze in an appointment with two kids/no colin. my ears hurt, i am trying not to get too worked up about it but again prayers are appreciated...
i am excited about a great face wash i have found though. it says it's $9 on the link but i swear i got it at trader joe's for $5.50. i always had easy, clear skin. i only washed my face with water and got maybe 2 zits per school year... pregnancy has got me outta whack in many ways and breakouts on my face has been a result. it hasn't been horrible or even that noticeable except to me staring an inch away from the mirror going AAAGGGHH! [this is an honest post today i guess]
but i've tried like 10 different things since saylor's been born... just bar soap,exfoiliating, neutrogena, dove, just water, moisturizing consistently, expensive face wash from whole foods, apple cider vinegar, toothpaste....i don't like using harsh products and i try to buy products that are safe/all natural. i've found it! colin has used tea tree oil in the past i don't know why i didn't think of it sooner. it worked within a few days [though it has dried out my skin a bit so i am starting to use moisturizer again]. i don't know why i felt compelled to write all that but there it is i'm not deleting it now i'm too far in!
ears, face and feet......
i have a new bedtime routine with saylor-after i lay him in bed i do this little piggy. i don't know how it got started but there it is, sometimes i have to do both feet. [and the 3rd little piggy has 'yogurt' instead of 'roast beef' because..we rigsbys love yogurt and have never had roast beef in our house]
so today colin put him down for a nap and for some reason he was not happy about that and started crying off and on. it kept escalating so finally i went in and rocked him. he lay on me and quickly fell asleep and i just kept rocking him for a bit. he was silent and peaceful. i put him in his crib and he did the sigh people do when they're sleeping... and then, eyes still closed- he lifted up his leg! for this little piggy! so i did it real quietly and trying not to laugh and the boy had his eyes closed the whole time. i don't know how funny this without being able to see it but i got quite a kick out of it.. haha, no pun intended! EH!? maybe!? cuz feet kick...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

power out

on sunday there was a crazy wind storm in columbus.
here's a tree at the end of our street

it was a little scary but more fun than anything [although i just read in that article that 3 people died from falling trees. awful] our electricity wasn't out so we had a few people over that were powerless and just as we were starting dinner CH-POW transfusion box [or something] blows and our power goes out. so we ate salads in the dark then played outside, made a little fire in our hibachi grill.

my only concerns for no electricity were our food as we just did a nice $100 trader joe trip on saturday and FANS. saylor has never really slept without a fan. i don't like having routines or objects that we can't be without for bedtime but i did the fan of course in the beginning for the soothing white noise and now only so it blocks out sounds we make. so sunday night i made everyone whisper for about 10 minutes and i seriously thought he wouldn't go down well or something but the kid did not even notice. whaddya figure. our power was out until around noon on monday. again i wasn't sure how ella would do without a fan especially as saylor is still awake running around blaring his loud toys but again the child could care less and went right to sleep. does this mean there is no point in using fans anymore? not at all i will still blast those fans if only for my own sense of security. it is funny because we live on electric ave. i was just amused when i called our company to report our outage and check the status she asked for my address and i'm like '72 electric ave' then i started giggling and the woman starts laughing. then we stopped. then we started laughing of those really not that funny but kinda funny so we kept kinda laughing kinda moments. my mom's fridge kept our food cold for a few hours and we are currently keeping a friend's groceries in our fridge. several of our friends still don't have power, they are saying it will be next week until they get it so we are grateful ours is back. schools and businesses were canceled everywhere and the guys actually have a show canceled tonight due to no power. wind storm ohio 08!
here's a few random videos from my phone, they are pretty blurry so 1.i need to keep my phone still when i do this and 2. really we need to flippin' start using our digital camera that thing is gathering dust, what is our deal?

brett and saylor [saylor wearing his cool soccer outfit colin's parents got him from brazil] i love this because he got this popup toy last christmas when he was 12 months and he could barely push them down let alone figure out how to make them popup.

his latest game he loooves to play 'turn in circles and fall down'.

another one of his favorites-playing drums. is this normal for a toddler to be able to play like this?! i dunno but his love for it is surely unique. *proud mama*

Sunday, September 14, 2008

agh WAH

getting on the internet with a full-time-at-home job with no internet in the home has been few and far between. that sentence did not make sense but you get my point. writing a blog is even harder though of course i have much to say [squirrels! books! weddings! birthdays!] happily, finally, after thorough searching/phone calls/bargaining i've gotten a good deal and we are getting the interent in our home on tuesday.

saylor and ella 'interacting'...haha

giving her a hug and she's suffering through it
the first couple days saylor threw stuff at her head and did not want to share anything. now he says her name when he wakes up- excited to see her and he pets her alot. she is pleasant and easy going so it's been fun. i have yet to venture out with both of them so that's my challenge. colin has been so helpful..and when he leaves i don't even know...i will likely have some severe cabin fever.and feel lonely and desire adult conversation yet not make the effort to get in touch with people...the cycle.. aaah... we will make it! i really should just buy the gilmore girls series perhaps that will see me through october...
i did just buy Lars and the Real Girl and i shall be adding that to my list of favorite movies.SO good!
more thoroughness later....