Thursday, September 18, 2008

power out

on sunday there was a crazy wind storm in columbus.
here's a tree at the end of our street

it was a little scary but more fun than anything [although i just read in that article that 3 people died from falling trees. awful] our electricity wasn't out so we had a few people over that were powerless and just as we were starting dinner CH-POW transfusion box [or something] blows and our power goes out. so we ate salads in the dark then played outside, made a little fire in our hibachi grill.

my only concerns for no electricity were our food as we just did a nice $100 trader joe trip on saturday and FANS. saylor has never really slept without a fan. i don't like having routines or objects that we can't be without for bedtime but i did the fan of course in the beginning for the soothing white noise and now only so it blocks out sounds we make. so sunday night i made everyone whisper for about 10 minutes and i seriously thought he wouldn't go down well or something but the kid did not even notice. whaddya figure. our power was out until around noon on monday. again i wasn't sure how ella would do without a fan especially as saylor is still awake running around blaring his loud toys but again the child could care less and went right to sleep. does this mean there is no point in using fans anymore? not at all i will still blast those fans if only for my own sense of security. it is funny because we live on electric ave. i was just amused when i called our company to report our outage and check the status she asked for my address and i'm like '72 electric ave' then i started giggling and the woman starts laughing. then we stopped. then we started laughing of those really not that funny but kinda funny so we kept kinda laughing kinda moments. my mom's fridge kept our food cold for a few hours and we are currently keeping a friend's groceries in our fridge. several of our friends still don't have power, they are saying it will be next week until they get it so we are grateful ours is back. schools and businesses were canceled everywhere and the guys actually have a show canceled tonight due to no power. wind storm ohio 08!
here's a few random videos from my phone, they are pretty blurry so 1.i need to keep my phone still when i do this and 2. really we need to flippin' start using our digital camera that thing is gathering dust, what is our deal?

brett and saylor [saylor wearing his cool soccer outfit colin's parents got him from brazil] i love this because he got this popup toy last christmas when he was 12 months and he could barely push them down let alone figure out how to make them popup.

his latest game he loooves to play 'turn in circles and fall down'.

another one of his favorites-playing drums. is this normal for a toddler to be able to play like this?! i dunno but his love for it is surely unique. *proud mama*


Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

I don't know who's having more fun there-Brett or Saylor! And of course Saylor loves drums-he wants to be just like Daddy...awwww...

OH-and the electric ave thing was kinda funny too....awk-ward!!

Kristin said...

Ike was still a tropical storm when it hit Ohio! It was almost still a category 1 hurricane!! I'm so sad all those beautiful big trees up there got blown down. :( And we didn't even have a cloud in the sky from Ike down here.