Sunday, September 14, 2008

agh WAH

getting on the internet with a full-time-at-home job with no internet in the home has been few and far between. that sentence did not make sense but you get my point. writing a blog is even harder though of course i have much to say [squirrels! books! weddings! birthdays!] happily, finally, after thorough searching/phone calls/bargaining i've gotten a good deal and we are getting the interent in our home on tuesday.

saylor and ella 'interacting'...haha

giving her a hug and she's suffering through it
the first couple days saylor threw stuff at her head and did not want to share anything. now he says her name when he wakes up- excited to see her and he pets her alot. she is pleasant and easy going so it's been fun. i have yet to venture out with both of them so that's my challenge. colin has been so helpful..and when he leaves i don't even know...i will likely have some severe cabin fever.and feel lonely and desire adult conversation yet not make the effort to get in touch with people...the cycle.. aaah... we will make it! i really should just buy the gilmore girls series perhaps that will see me through october...
i did just buy Lars and the Real Girl and i shall be adding that to my list of favorite movies.SO good!
more thoroughness later....


shutterthink said...

Love, I just finished the last disc of Las Chicas Gilmore last they are yours for the borrowing!
And no worries...I know all about your 'viscious cycle' expect some adult convo, sweet petunia.

Kristin said...

Yay internet for you!