Friday, February 22, 2008

mystery shopper

i did a little H&M shopping on my a pair of jeans that i'm not in love with but that i like more than the jeans i own right now.[sidenote the other day i tried yet again to stuff myself into some 5 year old jeans.aaand they split, they ripped,huuuge tear all down a leg. it was so was like God was like enough already just get rid of them! so i happily got to throw them away.i didn't realize it but they were a size zero and i'm not even trying to be that size anymore so...good riddance! i do have an awesome picture of me in the ripped jeans but it is probably not appropriate to put on here.]
well yesterday i put on my new jeans and was walking around and started to feel disappointed.these jeans do not work.why did i buy them? i bend down and my butt comes out. well i could wear a belt i guess. i don't own a belt though.sigh i think i have to return them.grr.. i wore them for another hour until i suddenly reazlied i was wearing COLIN'S jeans.oooh how funny.stuff like that funny to me.put my H&M jeans on and felt much more satisfied with them.
i have become a secret shopper! i've always wanted to do this [i'm random like that]. it's a little extra pocket money and it's easy, fun and on my own time.good for SAHM's [stay-at-home-moms]. i'm seasoned in taste-testing [$20 for Wendy's} and focus groups [i.e.$150 to talk in a group about magazines with a two-way mirror and video camera... etc.] colin does these i finally set about to be a secret shopper or whatever you want to call it. the website i joined actually takes some effort [creating a profile,getting certified] but i'm on my way. my first job is all online for ____. i get free video rentals for a month and then i rate their service. and then yesterday i did my first 'field' job.i went to a daycare as a prospective client, got a tour then filled out an evaluation online.$20.not bad.i had fun 'acting' as there were certain things i had to say.
the past week saylor has only napped once! each time has been for over three hours.he's dropping the afternoon nap as opposed to the morning one so by 6:30 at night hes very sleepy so i often put him down then.whats awesome is he's been sleeping till 8am or later lately too.uum keep it up big boy! we finally gave him his first haircut! we stuck him in his bumbo and colin trimmed just the bangs [and a smidge around the ears] he looks so different! older too. i was more sentimental about it than i thought i'd be.
here's a couple random pictures.a couple cute ones of saylor in the bath [colin in the bath too,don't mind] and a before pic of his out of control bangs. i do not have a good 'after' haircut picture,but will put one up soon.


shutterthink said...

It's weird, Saylor looks like Col in those bath pictures. Yay, secret shopper! Sign me up!

jenny mae. said...

aww i love that colin & saylor bathe together! my sister in law said i was weird for bathing with the kids and i was all WHA? (they dont have kids currently) whatevs dude.

Happy Hippie said...

Your youngest boy is so cute and happy! Love the 'hawk Saylor. Daddy's and their kids together is the cutest thing in the world to me.