Wednesday, January 9, 2008

he walks!

saylor officially started walking today! it was crazy how much i couldn't stop smiling.he can take 15 or so steps before he stops or falls. but he is realizing how fun it is and kept holding out his arms and going at it again and again.i remember how he took forever to start crawling and then bam he was the fastest constant crawler overnight...i watched him today so excited and aware that the novelty will so quickly wear off and my little baby will be walking...talking..such a big boy.
the past two nights heather and i have gone crazy playing [the orignal] nintendo mario brothers.we warp right to level 8 but still can't beat it.the problem is-one remote has a spastic A button so you jump randomly and the other remote's B button rarely works at all-so that you cannot build momentum for big we have a method of pausing and switching the remotes at certain parts for certain needs,it's pretty humorous.i think she's going to buy a new one on ebay tomorrow.well,new,used whatever.not broken.oh,nintendo.
also got to visit lucy goosy in the hospital today and there is just something so amazing about holding a tiny feels so good.all swaddled up,made me want another one.and saylor seemed so big it was strange.
we took some video of saylor on our mac here but i can't figure out how to upload it online at all.oh sheesh.well hopefully i'll figure it out.....


Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

doo. doo. doo....doo doo do do.... (supposed to be super mario bros music...) Good we still have ours somewhere??? Surely we do-then no one would have to find new controllers!! Do you guys remember all the secret hidden coins??? Crazy that you can still make it to the how technology has changed!!

I can't wait to see Saylor walk in person! And to see him and Emily walking around together!! How fun :)

saylor days said...

um ya we were playing our nintendo! the broken remotes are ours..ya it was strange how we would remember-wait there's an extra life there! we can warp quickly to level 8 but can't flipping beat the game for the life of us.much yelling and cursing haha.