Tuesday, January 22, 2008

i cannot give short answers

1. One book that changed your life-
ok yes the bible.and i'm trying to think of those reading times of epiphanies and 'aha moments' [was that phrase started by oprah? oh well] but can never remember...
OH ok here's one-the happiest baby on the block, by dr.harvey karp. i don't know what it is but we ate that book up and though simple, it taught us alot.

02. One book that you have read more than once
i immediately think of childhood as that is when i read books over and over. so i will name a few
the giver, night, help pink pig, aliens ate my homework [i don't know], all the babysitters club books, the phantom tollbooth,the island keeper,little women oh nostalgia....

03. One book you would want on a deserted Island
maybe war and peace, force myself to get through it

04. One book that made you laugh
me talk pretty one day-david sedaris.

05. One book that made you cry
a severe mercy.a must read [colin's parent's named their daughter after the main character]

06. One book that you wish had been written
i just feel like anything i'm curious,excited or need to learn about has gotta be out there somewhere, waiting to be read.

07. One book that you wish had never been written
oh i don't know.the countless dating/love and diet books, same thing over and over.

08. One book you are currently reading
i was reading 'fair game:my life as a spy, my betrayal by the white house'
just put on hold 'A year without "made in China" : one family's true life adventure in the global economy' no idea if its good just saw it
and happiest toddler on the block
i apparently cannot just say one

09. One book you have been meaning to read
i just love reading true stories/memoirs so if someone mentions something along those lines i'm on it.

10. Now I am supposed to tag 5 people
seeing as half of you have done it... :)
this is hard... i love to read... i love books.


meridith said...

i love a good biography, memoir! julie/julia is good and i LOVED julia child's my life in france. i also loved the michael j fox book and catch me if you can by frank abignale (the movie was based on it)

saylor days said...

oh i am SO going to check those out! already read the michael j fox book [lucky me i think its called] very good! ya i don't know what it is but it's almost all i read.i just now thought about chuck barris's book confessions of a dangerous mind when u mentioned catch me if you can.... now i need to go to my library's website and start reserving things

jenny mae. said...

i read a year without made in china. it was pretty good. nothing to write home about but informative for sure.

saylor days said...

ya im in the middle of the made in china book right now.its just an easy read.

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

Oh the baby sitter's club days...I don't think anyone really realizes just how much you would read those....for awhile I think people thought that was what your face looked like-a book! Ha-remember when you tried to read war and peace when you were like 10??? You were so determined....how far did you make it?? You had some decent excuse when you gave up though....you little book worm you....

Happy Hippie said...

I love it War and Peace while on a desert Island! I agree with Meridith, I love a good biography. If you like Audrey Hepburn, I highly recommend Audrey Hepburn: A biography.