Tuesday, January 8, 2008

welcome lucy

saylor's future wife was born last night.yay! all is well with lucy grey and the fam.
although if they aren't getting along i would totally not mind if saylor and olive hooked up.as long as it's ok with you jenny.
i had the fortunate opportunity to spend some QT with the little miss and she was lovely.it was a busy tiring day but surprisingly the most serene chunk of it all was when i was babysitting two children on top of my own.mostly it was just olive with me and say and they were so cute she just followed him around and it was mostly very quiet except the occasional coo,growl and 'da-dat'. he is starting mini tantrums...getting upset if we take him away from something he really wants to play with [for example a plug, a lamp,a toilet] he was taking toys away from olive and holding them close although i did tell him to share and he did. like once.he is even whining and squirming to not go to bed,arching his back when i try to rock him-pointing to the door,let me out mama! and he is getting very picky about his food shaking his adamently when i try to feed him something he doesn't want.actually i think he's wanting to feed himself more.oh boy here we go.we are heading to toddlerhood.could it really be? are we ready to go there? i am so excited.i've always been very comfortable/confident with newborns,babies... having a toddler seemed daunting.exhausting.and the thought of raising a teenager i can't even think about oh man.ah. but my mom said she enjoyed every stage of us growing up-still enjoys seeing us grow so i'm sure that's how it is.because yes i cannot WAIT for him to start talking.and walking.[he did take about 4 steps today! and he stands alone pretty confidently but still for the most part does not want to try to walk] so yes, one day at a time.
countdown 3 weeks and 2 days until LOST!


jenny mae. said...

how did olive do with him the other day? WHY MUST MY BABY DOMINATE OTHER KIDS AND TRY TO EAT THEIR BRAINS!!?? :) she is all about saying her only word (da da) and yes growling. its hilarious and i can only blame my own genes, as i did this allll the time as a kiddo according to my parents.

oh and we got season 3 of lost from my dad and we are rewatching it to prep for "the big day". OH and another thing, we got the same calendar you have :)

saylor days said...

i saw you had the calender! i want to go get it, ours is from 2007. no olive was wonderful! she just followed him around,sometimes climbed on him.no angry growls more like a few grunt growls.i love that you growled too what a funny trait.saylor holds his ear/s when he's tired all the time and my brother did that-i read that can be inherited.what the heck.

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

Is it mean that it made me smile when you mentioned Saylor's newfound independence??? Part of me is somewhat excited that you will be going through some aggrevating moments along with me :) I can't wait to see him walking!! Send me the video k?

jenny mae. said...

i have noticed and adore the ear holding

jenny mae. said...

oh and the mall calendars are 50% off now! HIT IT