Friday, December 28, 2007

pass the pigs

it was busy but a fun christmas.sarah came into town on friday.i think she took some pictures this of the weekend maybe i can steal some.saturday we had christmas on my dad's was great to spend time with everyone.we did white elephant gifts..saylor also got a truck he can push and ride on and he loves it....then another lovely christmas party... christmas eve we did gifts with our mom as sarah had to work christmas day.worked out nicely so colin and i could spend christmas day at his parents house. saylor scored some sweet gifts at both places. we are excited about the nice toy chest he got so we have somewhere to put all his toys.he doesn't quite get opening gifts yet but he is truly excited to play with his new toys.-a few fun ones-the truck to ride, a horse to ride, a little piano,the little people barn. zapp's got us some finger puppets from ikea and i've been having just as much fun with those. in the end there were 3 unwrapped presents from us and i've considered returning/donating them.and considered not buying him anything for bday/christmas until he is older...or just buy him one gift or something.with his birthday being in december too he just raked it in this was awesome because he honestly had very few toys.well anyhow he's so happy now and it's a great age as he's really starting to 'play' with toys.
on the 26th we had an all day christmas movie marathon with some friends.sat around in slippers eating cookies...the guys made a whole meal that was all orange[hopefully b. will post some pics]-highlight- found out heather e. is a ventriliquist,it's hilarious and i'm trying to learn how haha..
i got gift cards to places for clothes yippee! another favorite gift-i asked for all natural products of any turns out my second cousin has her own business-retails at whole foods,north market and the like. go here-
so my mom got us a basket of some of her products and they are wonderful i highly recommend them.i'm quite excited as she said she'd give us a discount on future purchases!!
last night was-insanely good homemade veggie sandwiches [baked baguette with provolone,fresh avocado,shaved carrot,cucumber,sprouts,tomato,lettuce,mustard delish],visiting friend from new york,two little guys in spiderman pjs,lovely friend in the beginning stages of labor [rooting for this weekend,before new years,tax returns!],and pass the pigs. and maybe i'm boring or easily amused but that is a perfect night for me.


jenny mae. said...

dont bring that ventriloquist doll around me!!!!!! :)

saylor days said...

haha no she just does the voice, no dolls involved! although i should totally get her a doll. and we will keep it away from you no worries!

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

Was that a hint that you wanted pictures! I haven't even gotten them up on mine yet! I'm trying to talk Aaron into Pass the Pigs. He wants to see it in person first though.....OOOOHHH and I hope she has her baby soon!!!! :)

Happy Hippie said...

Sounds like you had one great holiday season! An all orange dinner? This sounds intresting. What did they make? You guys are so wacky, I love it!

saylor days said...

ok this is random but they made like buffalo wings in an orange sauce, doritoes and big ol carrot sticks. this is funny because i do not like any of those things at all but you know, it was appealing cuz it seemed fun and i totally ate some of it