Saturday, December 15, 2007

picture time!

my sister has graciously helped me put up some pictures of saylor she had,most from his birthday and a couple extras.yay! thank you sarah.

playing with a bell at grammys

colin's parents gave him a sled! so he sat in there while opening presents.he does look kinda strange here. he's inspecting his sesame street 'cd player'

oh boy so much going on

saylor loves,loves balls.he pushes/throws them then chases/crawls after them all the time,laughing away.

oh daddy what's this toy,i can't believe i have toys finally.


can never have enough ducks i guess

he didn't quite get how to open presents [yes the first birthday party is more the parent's amusement and joy than the child's] but he did his best.

thank you friends! i'm so excited! i'm 1!

saylor's cousin emily feeding saylor while friend katelynn helps

daddy looks funny but saylors smile is bliss

this is a random picture from thanksgiving weekend we were at a [random small desolate] mall for some reason but saylor was having a blast.i was throwing a basketball at him...ya,right at his head.


shutterthink said...


Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

I think he looks so much older now even from the Thanksgiving picture. You made me laugh when you said you were throwing the ball at his times!! See you soon!

Happy Hippie said...

Just when I think that kid can't be any cuter, some how he does it! That smile is too cute. Your son is edible!