Friday, September 28, 2007

he sleeps!

last night saylor slept 12 hours straight!!! yay this is it,he did feels like something we've been working toward ..since birth i guess and he finally did it.not to say he'll be doing it every night but we're getting there. wed-thurs he actually cried from 5:58am-6:58am i went in there to check once and then finally caved and nursed him back to sleep.naps are still only an hour each on average but oh well at least his mood is great and he's sleeping at night great.what a good he realized the joy of knocking down blocks i'd stack up high.and he didn't care if i was like 'good job!' but he laughed hysterically if i acted upset or sad when he knocked them down. hhhmm! ok now i'm feeling like i need a separate blog for saylor that's funny.i do have one i actually write-write
spent some time with carri today.Lord please bless their family and put jeff where he should be Lord he is so willing and able.use him lord.
had chi-poat-ul.discovered there is such thing as too much sourcream.
amber told me a great story of a yellowjacket being in between her legs while she was driving [aagh!] which led to trying to convince her to make a blog as she has great stories.but alas.
i also drove to workout [put in contacts,changed to workout clothes,changed saylor] walk in and the childcare isn't open fridays.ah.contemplated driving to lifestyle as i have a free pass there still but the traffic was a no workout today now that feeling is no fun.taking the workout clothes back off.not even sweaty.haha.
i've been thinking that it's ridiculous that hospitals serve such crappy processed
food [when i was in school for nutrition i saw first hand the meals they serve]. and i want to do something about needs to change.but how do i start?! i so want to do things.make a difference,even if just hanging out at a nursing home or whatever. but i can't just sit around and think about it.. I KNOW.i need to restart the H.O.P.E. club! my friends and i started it when we were...10 or so? stands for Helping Other People Endlessly.i was the treasurer.all we ever did was...write up rules, collect our change...and make t-shirts and walk in a local parade.haha! oh good times.kristin knows what i'm talking do i make her name 'kristin' so it's a link to click on?!


shutterthink said...

I bet you were an awesome treasurer.

To link Kristin's name...
-highlight her name after you type it
-click on the 'link' button (when you're typing a new post, there is a toolbar at the top of the box--5th button from the left)
-type in the address to her blog
-bada bing.

shutterthink said...

PS: Dan Starcher's blog is from last year. This made me sad, but I'll keep him on my list if you do. Haha.

saylor days said...

oh great thanks for the link info.funny bout dan.of course you're ahead of my blogpeople search.haha. oh well.ya let's keep him on!

jenny mae. said...

sign me up for HOPE!

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

Oh the HOPE club....forgot about the guys are good....I'm totally remembering you and your glasses in the parade....Oh I love you!!