Saturday, September 8, 2007

and the thunder rooollls

nice storm going on.colin left this morning and will be back tomorrow evening.quiet to work out-colin got 2 free passes to lifestyle fitness till end of september. we got a week pass there a couple months ago.when we went back a couple days ago the girl in their 'kid's club' looked at us and said 'saylor!' how nice it made me want to join the gym!
spent over an hour looking for a pacifier. i was convinced it disappeared into thin air. it was insane! i retraced all my steps 5000 times and i looked in really random places like the frig,cupboards,saylor's pockets for crying out do they just disappear?! and then what a waste of time to spend looking for it. we do have more than one. it reminded me of how i always start doing something at the worst time FOR example every monday morning that i have to work at 5am is always the time when i realize i must my eyes are barely open and i have but 10 minutes to get ready and run out the door and there i am, plucking ever so slowly as i'm not even really was under a toy.i swear i had looked there.of course.
i don't think it's really [as] funny to other people, but children are often hilarious to their parents.i mean we always have laughed at munki and now we laugh and laugh at saylor.i know it's only going to get better when he's older.haha.
alright i am offcially for real no more nursing him in the middle of the night. i cannot cave! it involves more soothing.rocking.oh good times.actually it is.

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