Friday, September 21, 2007

i spun

i did a spinning class with erin yesterday.this is my second time doing it and i was sure it'd be harder especially since i worked out my legs the day before.but it was great.i tried to pace myself but i think it was better because i knew how it was going to go,ya know.still wanted to pass out 15 minutes into it but you push through and it's awesome.legs felt like jelly afterward but i appreciated the cardio part of it even more.i hate cardio in general, i don't like feeling out of breath.but it is good for the body.and yes, the instructor was oh, 6months pregnant! flippin-a.which means she was preg.when i went last time, no one had any idea.ya.she's a great instructor. very motivating and challenging.
finally took in the passat [for the 4th time.whhhhyyy] i had a dream it was $352. only problem it's having is it doesn't start after getting gas! so odd. i wish i knew cars. also taxes i want to understand and do taxes. for real.
going to hang out with jenny mae today.yay! then going on vacay to the rigsby senior's abode for the weekend.

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jenny mae. said...

yeah! it was so good to see you!!!