Saturday, September 1, 2007

chicago times

thursday was busy and fun.morning was at jennys with nikki and beth +kids.seeing the boys made me excited for saylor to be a toddler.thank you jenny for opening your home to everyone.and to see belt for a hot minute since i accidently gave her my antibiotics.
got a bunch of boy clothes from colin's cousin/aunt.2 huge boxes! pretty cool.spent the night at carri's on thursday.we went thru one box,what to keep,what will go to once upon a child [sorry nascar outfit] it was lovely and felt like 'old times' when i lived with her for a to see stamber and even who are actually in chicago right now too,actually real close to us too! haha we went to the zoo in the morning with a bunch of people. saylor loved the animals! i can't explain how it feels to make your child now christmas is exciting again. he loved the gorillas of course and the rhino.couldn't stay too long as we had to go to chicago!
it took about 7 1/2 hrs+ to get here mostly because of traffic of course. and we only stopped once! i mean, saylor was perfect.i don't like to use that word, but he was perfect it was crazy! thank you lord. he was happy, then he napped, then we played, he ate.he didn't fall asleep till 9cuz he wanted to nurse i know but he never cried. and i was able to 'transfer' him from the car to emily's crib seamlessly. and yes i did nurse him whilst changing his diaper and outfit.while he still slept. multitasking woohoo.
it's nice to be here and i feel so at home in my sisters home. we may go to navy pier today? and hopefully ikea at some point,yippee.
ok my dad and i were looking at the word accidently i wrote earlier. it says it's spelled wrong and we realized it should be accidentally. but ew i don't like saying it like and sarah are working on [munki bread! and] omelets which leads me to another list. well i should save it for another post but it will be 'foods i used to like but since pregnancy now hate or only mildly tolerate.' it's crazy.i wonder what my next pregnancies will be like.ya i spelled munki like my cat's name.oh i hope she's doing ok poor thing.

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shutterthink said...

Have fun in Chi-town! Oh, I hate when people say that word. Your favorite tattoo artist is there this weekend, too. Come back with a new one, why don't you? So glad Mr. Pants did so well on the ride there--I'll be praying for the ride home. Have a blast!!!