Wednesday, September 5, 2007


well back from chicago and now colin's home for a couple days too. had a good time with my sister, she needs to hurry up and move him. we went to ikea and it was just wonderful, ikea needs to hurry up and make a home in columbus too! grr. i mean really.i want everything there. i was like 'hey guys keep an eye out for a gift i could get colin, i don't know...' no sooner are the words out of my mouth and aaron's like 'what about this' and picks up a french press. so funny it was right there! i'm like huh. actually ya that'd be good. how easy.i also got him [saylor] a horse head on a stick,ya know. cuz he said he wanted a horse! yes i always manage to buy random things no matter where i am.saylor loves it.horses are funny i don't know why.
ooh colin just said he made a let's see if he actually writes in it.he did the same thing as me, thought you had to create an account to leave a comment.
well saylor went down happily at 8:00. only woke up once at 6:40! and up for day at 8:30. yay! as my sister has said though-likely not the norm, likely a fluke.haha. twas nice though.although ya i went to bed at 11:30, up at 1:30,2:30, 5:30,6:40, 8;30. ya that's how i roll.colin came home in the middle of the night so that...kept me up to.
i will now say foods i used to love and now hate or semi-tolerate since it's been a year and a half! gah!
gum,particularly spearmint and fruity gum
crunchy granola bars
fresh peppers, broccoli
diet soda
and there's more.i'm slowly enjoying more variety though but it's SO strange!! the bananas,americanos,gum and pop were the craziest cuz i had those about every day.suddenly can't even bear to look at them.don't mind kicking the gum and pop habit though so that's cool.actually hope to never drink it again.we are water drinkers.... dr.mehmet oz is an awesome doctor fyi.he's on oprah frequently and in GQ and other magazines.he's passionate and very smart about the human gusta.
reminder to myself to post my car history because it's ridiculous.

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shutterthink said...

Should you be posting Colin's presents? Oh wait, you already gave them to him...Ha! I hope he liked them. And please teach Saylor to ride that horse-stick because I cannot stop laughing about that image. What if he learned to ride that thing before walking? That would be a would have to take it with you wherever you go if you didn't feel like carrying him or whatever. "Mommy doesn't feel like carrying you, Saylor. Here's your horse." What's the horse's name? Tidbit? Sally? Mr. Nuzzles? Just some guesses that came to mind.