Thursday, November 1, 2007

100 things

it took some time, but i think everyone should do it.take a journey of self-discovery...don't feel obligated to read all of mine.

100 things about me

1. I won’t buy white underwear or socks, they have to be colors or black.
2. I want to shave my head just once.
3. I really want my next pet to be a hairless cat
4. I always make new year’s resolutions, and I actually stick to them.
5.I love to nap
6. Pee is grosser than poo to me. I enjoy talking about poop.
7. I drink water constantly, therefore I have to pee constantly
8. I’d rather be blazing hot than a little bit cold
9. I used to break out in hives all the time
10. I like to shake my foot or leg to get to sleep and while my friends were annoyed by it, colin doesn’t mind it at all.
11. I hated yams until one year I suddenly loved them.
12. My phone is always on and always next to me. I take it to the bathroom with me.
13. I had no reservations or anxiety having my first child, but I am finding myself nervous about having the next one.
14. My son just spilled a glass of water everywhere and I’m not doing anything about it.
15. I tend to under-react when things happen because I grew up around over-reacters and it made me tense.
16. I love to read autobiographies and memoirs
17. I cheated my way through high school and college.
18. I don’t feel like I have a sense of style, or an eye for anything.
19. I say ‘I don’t care’ even if I do because I’m a people pleaser and I want them to be happy more than I want myself to be. And I’m ok with that.
20. I love being a starbucks barista.
21. healthy/real food is important to me. On that same note, I LOVE food!
22. I like things clean and organized, but I am not good at keeping things that way. My husband is obsessively clean and organized.
23. My husband said he would not propose to me until I cleaned out my car. I think he gave up on that one.
24. I love crossword puzzles. I think it runs in the family.
25. I am terrified by spiders
26. My first real boyfriend is now my husband.
27. I saw all 3 Lord of the Rings in the theater and fell asleep each time. I have no clue what the movies are about. Ditto for star wars.
28. I cloth diaper part time but I feel self-conscious when using a disposable in public, as if people are judging me. Logically I know that’s ridiculous as most people use disposables.
29. Most of the ‘green’ things I do in my life are purely for economic, not ecological reasons. I am very frugal.
30. I sing aloud or in my head easily 15 songs a day.
31. But I do not own any cd’s or an ipod.
32. I’d much rather buy a dvd at best buy than a cd
33. I have chronic back pain, have seen multiple chiropractors and massages are my favorite thing ever.
34. I had a brief phase of stealing and I stole- I don’t want to say how much- clothes and makeup. I caaaannnot believe I did that looking back.
35. I had 5 wisdom teeth.
36. I am extremely NOT visual. I don’t even know what color my bedroom walls are.
37. And so I have no sense of direction, whatsoever.
38. I’ve dropped my phone 5 times today so far, once on my son’s head
39. I love, love worship music
40. I purposely went one whole year without cutting my hair, not even a trim.
41. I don’t care too much about my appearance, I actually care too little. I have to make an effort to care.
42. I love embarrassing and awkward moments!
43. I love words. a vocabulary desk calendar would be a great gift for me
44. I want so bad to be bilingual. Spanish or sign language in particular.
45. I can hear colin singing in the shower right now
46. I have a little lisp. Some people deny this, some people point it out.
47. I’ve never broken a bone or gotten stitches [ok, besides wisdom teeth/birth stitches]
48. milk kinda grosses me out.
49. I brush my teeth 4-6 times a day
50. I’m a hypochondriac for sure.
51. I’m also a car-hypochondriac, if you will.
52. I’m great at business calls, refuting charges, negotiating, etc. this is from working in collections for victoria’s secret I believe.
53. I wish I had an accent, or at least could fake an accent, but no.
54. I think people look best in their sweats.
55. I put baby powder on my flips flops before I wear them
56. I always have to think for a second ‘is it a peach or a pear? Peach, ya ok. No wait, it’s a pear’.
57. I’ve kept makeup in my purse for years, with the idea of maybe needing it, but I’m not a re-applyer, I’ve never re-applied!
58. I don’t really like milk chocolate but I love dark chocolate
59. My husband and I call each other peanut, all the time, we don’t even realize it.
60. I know all the words to Rent
61. I know all the words to the movie Noises Off
62. I need to read my bible more.
63. I’ve never done any kind of drug, or even smoked a cigarette.
64. peanut butter is one my favorite things in the world [all natural crunchy please]
65. I’ve journaled consistently since age 9.
66. I have a birthmark on my left thumb and I like it. It’s just a tan thumb.
67. I really love playing piano
68. I think my thoughts are so random and unique but then again I’m sure they’re not.
69. I am always feeling like I need to do more-for the kingdom and glory of God.
70. I will confront people or call them out on things if need be. It’ll nag me till I do.
71. The toilet paper has to go over the top of the roll!
72. I enjoy paying bills and all things number-related.
73. I will never say no to free food.
74. I have no qualms about wearing the same outfit 3, 4….5 days in a row.
75. I like having practical jokes played on me, so go for it.
76. My glasses always end up a little crooked from laying down and reading while wearing them.
77. I always try to come up with analogies and they are always terrible.
78. I have a bad habit of trying to finish people’s thoughts and it’s usually way off i.e ‘and I was just feeling so…’ and I interject ‘ya, depressed.’ And them, ‘no, overjoyed’
79. I have a weird fear of mine or anyone else’s ear being folded forward. Aagh!
80. I once ate two chipotle burritos in less than an hour. [competition]
81. I love magazines, could read them all day.
82. I’ll buy a purse, love it for 3 days then suddenly I hate it and have to get a new one.
83. I hate the flute, but I was good at it. Annoyed when I got first chair. Quit soon after.
84. I don’t like wearing glasses, but contacts drive me crazy too.
85. I have a…sensitive conscience. I’ll be singing along to a song then ‘these lyrics aren’t very appropriate…’ then I begin thinking of what the song is saying, then I think about Jesus and so on.
86. I don’t buy jewelry, and I very rarely wear it.
87. Most of my incessant doodles are words- block letters and cursive.
88. When I sit at the piano I always start playing ‘shine, jesus shine’ first.
89. I love shoveling snow, mowing lawns and raking leaves.
90. I’m a pessimist for sure but in a positive way.
91. I love random phrases ‘close but no cigar’ ‘we’ve got bigger fish to fry’ and will be cheesy and use them in my conversations.
92. I order a venti ice water from starbucks just about every day and always feel a little bad about all the cups I’m going through
93. Flying by myself is something I hate and love to do at the same time.
94. I constantly figure words out backward in my head when I see them.
95. I don’t like meat but have yet to cut it out completely
96. I have several friends that I’ve known since the day I was born.
97. I swore up and down for 10 years that I’d name my son Peanut Butter. Maybe next kid.
98. eventually I’d like a half sleeve of tattoos. and then some.
99. I have an associates degree in nutrition, maybe someday I’ll use it.
100. I love Jesus more than anything else in this little world.


Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

I do not feel obligated-I WANT to read all of this....I gotta get ready for work real quick before Emily wakes up though...I will soon-I'll let you know-you can be sure of that! How fun....when do you have time to do these things??

saylor days said...

oh this took me a few weeks! couldnt just sit and write it all out.

shutterthink said...

OK, I am about to read it. I am about half done with mine. Inspiration!

Lindsay Schneck said...

awesome. isnt this so cleansing? oh, and by the way, we have had some crazies looking at my blog, so i'm putting it on private. send me your email address and i'll send you an access evite. i know, it's so weird...

jenny mae. said...

re: #71 ive got a great book (and guess what - im going to suggest you borrow it!) called "why you say it" and its full of the backstories for funny phrases we use in our everyday language

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

Well, I haven't started one, but I did jot down some thoughts as I read yours....didn't write numbers, so you'll just have to figure it out I suppose.....

-Hives-Used to??? Hasn't been that long
-Foot shake-annoying to me, hated that! Glad Colin doesn't mind
-Your car was a crazy mess
-YAY crosswords!! (even though I suck)
-I killed 2 spiders today
-Star Wars=only movie I fell asleep in the theater (went with Joey G back in the day...)only saw one of them though because of that (sleeping that is). Fell asleep watching Lord of the Rings at Dad & Nancy's this summer...I tried to stay awake...Not into it at all
-Now I'm constantly singing Wiggles, Little Einsteins, Handy Manny, Mickey's Clubhouse....Whoo Hoo Disney channel
-I have 1 wisdom tooth-that may never need removed :)
-I Laughed out loud about you dropping your phone on Saylor's head...Poor guy!!!
-I wish Aaron sang in the shower
-Peach/Pear??? Weird...
-I just love any chocolate
-Forgot about Noises Off...should watch that soon.
-Ear??? Random...
-You should get Lasix.
-'Shine Jesus Shine' Yes, yes, you do!!
-When we have a house(again) you can shovel, mow, and rake all you want!!
-Positive Pessimist?? Oxymoron...
-Me too on the flying thing!! We should fly alone, together...hmmmm.....

meridith said...

i just read beth's list and then came to your blog and was delighted to find you had done it too. how fun. i don't know if i have time right now, but i want to do this too. i loved getting to know you guys a bit more. i also love the line "i'm a pessimist, but i an positive way." that's a great quote!!