Saturday, November 3, 2007


i have taken close to 1000 pictures of saylor on my phone since he's been born [and about 300 videos].fortunately i've printed a bunch,and i finally managed to put some on a cd and save them to the computer.there are so many pictures that i love so i'll probably just post some on here randomly from time to time. also because i'm having a hard time posting recent pictures but i still want to put something on here! haha. i really need to figure out how to get my phone videos on here! grrr.

just hours old here...he was so beautiful.and i cannot beeeeelieve how fast it has gone already.i could stare at newborn pictures of him all day. i miss it and it makes me want another one right now!

little lip,little mohawk.little awesome-ness.

saylor loves to play drums,maybe every baby would do this but i like to think it's inherited.he now will hold both sticks and bang away on something.he also loves playing piano.

saylor and colin's dad- 'grandude' as he dubbed himself.two handsome men.

awesome smile! i think i've heard 'look at that smile!' from strangers seriously about 200 times since he's been born.he is the happiest baby..


Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

YAY pictures!!!!! Such a sweet little boy :)

jenny mae. said...

i love his dimple. is the second one officially "in" yet?