Thursday, November 22, 2007

crappy thanksgiving?

trying to see the humor in it..but to be immature for a moment,if you will, i'll state a few things that have made this the worst thanksgiving i've ever had.--fortunately i always celebrate twice- so tomorrow i trek to my dads,where thanksgiving may redeem itself,we hope.

my husband is not here
my phone broke [still can talk/text though thank jesus]
my son is still sick,thus whiny and won't eat/nurse much which concerns [only] waking up early crying.
my sister and her fam can't be here [will see her tomorrow though!]
awful fight with my mom
my brother is now sick,keeps throwing up [must have got it from saylor]
started my period-which is huge because i haven't had one in over 4 years. [unless i was on birth control i didn't have when we started trying to have a baby we had no idea if it would be difficult.saylor was meant to be here!]--but this to say i've had horrible cramps,my whole body is aching.
and a migraine
have a funeral on saturday [great uncle]
my husband is not here [it's worth saying twice] oh and found out minutes ago that he'll be home two days later than we thought.
so anything else random happening [my button fell off my black jacket again may reduce me to tears,or laughter depending.did spend some time with colin's family which was nice.back at my mom's. she made a huge meal only 4 people ate [my mentally handicapped uncle is here too] bless is quiet here and this is unusual.most thanksgivings we've had friends it's pretty bummer.but we have to laugh about it. i don't idealize thanksgiving or get all worked up about it, but i was excited for saylor to experience it and colin to get to go to my dad's house as he hasn't been to it yet [they moved two hours away a couple years ago]. well boo! or bah, or whatever.
but truly i am thankful for so much and despite absent people and lots of puke i feel so blessed and maybe even more aware of things i am grateful for.which is awesome because that means the enemy loses again and JESUS reigns in my heart.


shutterthink said...

You are so right. Things suck at this moment, but...He reigns!

meridith said...

i am so sorry to read that it was a crappy day. ours was pretty unusual actually. i hope things are looking up.

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

boo, or bah, or whatever

Much love!!!

Happy Hippie said...

I hope you don't mind me commenting on your blog. I was surprised and happy to stumble upon it!
I am sorry to hear you had such a crazy Thanksgiving this year. I know how you feel, I had a similar one last year. :(
I hope Saylor is feeling better and your hubby is home safe and sound.
I've been meaning to get your address,for xmas cards. Could you email me with that?