Sunday, November 18, 2007


colin and i went to carraba's on friday as we always try to have a date night before he leaves.we had to take saylor though but it turned our great-there were tons of litle kids and babies there! likely because we went at 5:30.saylor was wonderful and carraba's has the best caeser salad i've ever had. then stephen and colin convinced amber and i to all hang out.funny because the girls weren't in the mood and we openly admitted it.but they brought a decanter of wine and and we played phase 10 and it was the most slapstick random funny night.we were all four in a dumb-funny mood. stephen somehow beat us all at phase 10. since amber was having a girls only bday party on saturday stephen and colin kept talking about hanging out and having a 'sausage fest'. i of course took this literally and thought they were going to hang out and make sausage.
went to the snows with beth for the game.easy times,good times.colin wondered what to do that evening and i said 'i thought stephen was coming over and you guys were going to make sausage' to which he laughed and we all laughed and thought what a great story..amber's party was was dessert and coffee and there were some delish-ness going on. [i brought the coffee of course and i had trader 'joe-joes' peppermint oreo type things that i covered in chocolate and was proud of myself,it taste great] so-talking to mary 'what's chad doing tonight?' no joke, he was MAKING SAUSAGE. how insanely random can you get?! he was grinding meat to make keilbasa, some family tradition or something or other.that made my week.

this is a picture of amber,not from the party last night but from halloween of course.i wasn't even there for this,but it just has to be one of my favorite pictures,ever.i love amber!


shutterthink said...

Shut up. Chad was making sausage?! Perfect!

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

Amber is a funny girl!!! First of all I think that you thinking that they literally thought that they were gonna have sausage is funny :) of course the series of events that followed were even more funny!!

Happy Hippie said...

Sausagefest! LOL!