Saturday, November 10, 2007

yay starbucks red cups!

random picture time- i call this 'solemn corn face'

saylor and his cousin emily who was born 8 weeks before him.this was in july i think

pass the cheer the holidays are here.turns out colin will not be home for thanksgiving though. grrrr. gah.
last night we spent time with christina and seth and we played phase 10 and colin and i fell in love with it, i think i'm going to go buy it today.
yesterday i sold some beanie babies. i have about...150 or so.and my friend i were collecting them long before they became popular so i have some rare collectibles.i should have sold them at the height of the frenzy, i don't think their value will ever go back up.but there is actual sentiment attached to these stupid bean bag stuffed animals and i got a little emotional yesterday.i think it felt anticlimatic-i sold about 60 [at an ebay store that is currently accepting them for a beanie baby company] and only got $40. i will rummage through the rest later, maybe sell them to another place that is offering a bit more. and keep a few too of course. oh beanies.
this month seems to be going by quickly.

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Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

Isn't she 9 weeks older?? That's what I always say. Have you guys gotten to play Phase 10 since you bought it? Maybe we'll be able to play with you guys soon :)