Friday, November 16, 2007

we can work it out

on wednesday i worked a total of 12 1/2hrs at starbucks.5am-1230 at my store and then i picked up a shift at colin's store.he was closing and one of my dreams is to work with colin at starbucks.well dream fufilled they needed a shift covered wednesday night so i worked 6pm-11pm.[saylor at rigsbys house where we then spent the night] colin was my boss,and we could have gotten out earlier except i've never worked evening at starbucks before,and i've never worked in a different was a weird feeling but i quickly got used to the different environment and hopefully i can transfer to westerville soon.the managers at westerville keep telling me to come work there but i need to actually talk to my manager about it and i haven't fully decided/worked up the nerve.i've been with my store since it opened so im a little attached to at least the store itself and of course the customers.tho i know westerville like the back o'my hand since i'm there just about every day.hhhm.i want to keep this job though i love the discount! in the meantime my sister is saving lives at her job so...piddle paddle.
every weekend from now until christmas is's going to be crazy but it'll be fun too.
yesterday colin and i were bout to go to my parents for dinner and we both could not find our first it's just looking real quick as we're trying to leave, then it's funny cuz we can't find them, then it's frustrating, then it's like are you freaking kidding me where the heck are they.looking in the fridge, under bed, couch, bathroom seriously where are they. a good ten minutes go by.i'm throwing clothes and books everywhere looking.colin then finds his-in his back pocket. 'i normally have it in the other pocket!' and then he has to call me twice to locate the vibrate of my phone coming from saylor's dresser.the closed pajama drawer. i don't even know.but it was funny.


Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

Saylor's closed PJ drawer!! That made me smile-thanks!!

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...
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Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

OK, now that looks funny......It just wrote the same thing twice, so I thought that I'd erase one....then it looks like I was just trying to hide something from you saying I removed the post....oh well-have a good one!

Happy Hippie said...

Come to the Westerville Starbucks! It's on my kids-to-school route. I miss seeing your happy face with my cup'o joe!