Wednesday, November 7, 2007

3 years and 11 months

monday colin and i celebrated 3 years of marriage! wow. his parents watched saylor and we went to the burgundy room, a tapas type place it was nice. we thought of last years anniversary as i was massively pregnant and how things have changed. [we went to smith and wollensky last year.i did not order an entree i just got this gigantic piece of chocolate cake it was amazing.] but i love my husband more everyday he is the most amazing man in the whole world i swear.
yesterday saylor laughed hysterically for an hour knocking a paper towel wad off the coffee table over and over. who needs [lead filled china made] toys?! haha.i will say i am trying to veer away from that and finding it very's alarming what toys, bottles, bibs, etc are made of. also soaps,lotions, baby wipes etc etc..... i would like to be more educated [ is quite informative,and clicking on cosmetic database lists countless products and their risk based on their ingredients] i'm feeling strongly about things but i can't word it as i don't know enough.such as it is for me.
i worked this morning then spent some time with jayme which was awesome [i need more adjectives...], long overdue and not done enough but she will always be one of my bestest friends. we wrote this when we were 9 or so-
"and my heart thumpeth,when i think of us parting for the last time... SHALL we meet again!? oh.... woe is me" random but we've said it to each other 1000 times at least.
saylor is 11 months old today. sometimes i just have to bite him and squeeze him and lick him. will i want to do this when he is 14? when he is awkward going through puberty will i still want to squeeze and kiss his bum?! sorry honey just let me nibble on your toes... yummy.


Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

OK-I love my lead based china made toys-they're fun :) and also, kinda made me sick thinking of you saying that to your 14 year old son....something not quite right about that....think about if Mom said that to Geoff...wouldn't go over very well...oh well-I do know what you mean tho-will I be saying I love you to Emily every 5 minutes when she's older??? I sure hope so!! :)

saylor days said...

haha i know.but i asked mom about it,if she'd still kiss all over geoff or something and she said she there.maybe not his bum....