Tuesday, November 13, 2007

tuesday teething

saylor napped for over four hours yesterday! it was amazing but of course i kept peeking in on him from hours 2-4. which leads me to consider things i was formerly skeptical about.... because they always talk about babies sleeping more or being fussier while teething. for some reason i just didn't buy into that.babies will be fussy and their parents are like 'oh they're teething' it just seemed like something to say but wasn't really true.well i've changed my mind as mr.say's 4th tooth is coming in and he sleeps a ton each time.
more random things that i didn't really believe or realize fully.
1.the food aversions/cravings/nauseousness. so real, so overwhelming.
2.your feet may grow when you are pregnant.my mom said this happened to her and i didn't believe it.well shoes i have don't quite fit me anymore.i was a 8 1/2-9 and now i'm 9 1/2-TEN. TEN! that is embarassing..i'm only 5'4"! haha.
3.breastfeeding burns 'a bazillion' calories...you hear this everywhere but didn't really think it would make a significant difference.well i ate like crazy for the first six months after saylor was born [you are hungrier AFTER the baby is born noone tells you that!] and managed to lose 30 pounds when anyone else would have gained 30 with what i was eating and my activity level [zero]
4.even if you lose all the weight your body will look different.i'm 5-10 pounds more than my former self but i can see how my body is different-in many ways.but i'm slowly learning to embrace it.
5.colic--i heard many horror stories and i only have one child so far to base it on but after reading happiest baby on the block i am pretty sure i believe it doesn't have to exist.
6.you forget all the bad stuff about pregnancy/birth. i was pretty miserable pregnant and saylor's 9pound body did a number on mine... but i literally genuinely forget the pain and uncomfortable-ness and can't wait to do it again.
7.how fast it goes. that's almost cliche but it's freaking me out how fast it goes and he's not even a year. i guess cuz they change so much.
8.how hard breastfeeding is.i'm super-pro breastfeeding but it hurt so bad.for so long.in my mind it's still easier than making formula [and its free,and it's better for the baby.ok i'll stop] but i understand more why people stop.
9.thinking we didn't really need an exersaucer...oh my lord what would we have done without it.
10.that i didn't have a choice but to vaccinate and that it was necessary-there are options and we are not going to vaccinate any more.
and much more and i keep changing my mind and realizing things all the time.which causes me to wonder do we ever feel wise or mature? or just a sense of realization.. i see my parents who are entering their 50's still growing and learning....i think there will always be someone that i look up to and feel they have more life experience... i think as you get older though people sometimes respect your opinion less as 'times change' so their experience/ideas are nulled.just sometimes. there are some pretty awesome 80 year olds out there. i like visiting nursing homes and i keep wanting to go and take saylor.they'd love him.. although i guess i need to consider the health concerns. oh i forgot i have TB [dormant obviously but there]. ya i should be careful too. aw dang how can i get my old people fix?! :)
we are off to trader joe's.i'm making dinner tonight, it's true.i'm shooting for once a week.[colin usually cooks!]


Kristin said...

I've been thinking about you NON STOP and I miss you SOOO MUCH!! I wish you were here. :O(

shutterthink said...

I had a dream last night that we were all at church and it was standing room only. The whole Rigsby clan was there and Saylor was on Davy's shoulders. He smiled and started clapping when he saw me (cute) and he had 4 pearly white teeth, right in front (even cuter).

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

My friend Christine was just saying how she's forgotten about all the sleepless nights and how hard it was for her in the beginning...crazy-but true!! Maybe since you've realized the importance of the exersaucer you'll soon realize how much saylor wants a few baskets full of toys like his spoiled cousin......I mean she'll share, but it's a lot of pink!!

jenny mae. said...

i love how growing up makes us evolve and learn so much about who we are (and aren't) and what we want to do (and don't!)