Monday, November 26, 2007

abre los ojos

two things as of late that have opened my eyes a bit
i feel like i can't express things i strongly believe in,be it christianity or how good lost is :) the knowledge i've gathered gets jumbled in my head and all i have is this gut feeling and random passion and all i can say is 'it's important!' or 'i just feel that way' nothing it's nice to have friends/books/movies/websites to refer people to.although most people don't follow through.because it's my conviction, not theirs and that's ok.but i do still feel naive and overwhelmed and that we all need to wake up! particularly as christians we have an obligation to serve people and work for the kingdom...i'm on a's my latest learnings.

The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth
i should have read this book last year.this is challenging to me and my subsequent births will be different i's a good book,it is not degrading or completely one sided which is always a red flag.

Wal-Mart:The High Cost of Low Price
worth watching.the filming isn't the best but it surely keeps your's ridiculous.

and this is a website that we go to often that is also a bit alarming
you can look up countless products that lists the ingredients and how potentially hazardous they are.there's no way to avoid this altogether and i don't think that's necessary,but i always say modify where you can.and it's worth it for us to adjust and buy differently when we can.
the cosmetic database is found through the environmental working group website.

good stuff.i cannot wait for my hubby to be home to...
play phase 10/scrabble
his cooking
daddy/son time [saylor has learned to blow kisses and the signs 'all done' and 'eat' since colin's been gone]
go christmas shopping and christmas decorating our humble abode.
and more..por supuesto.


shutterthink said...

He will be home before you know it! And when I have learned to 'take charge of my fertility', you will have to do the same...Ah, babies. Pleasure sharing a meatball and stories today. Love you.

jenny mae. said...

i loved a thinking womans guide to a better birth. and i second beths book mention of taking charge of your fertility. LOVE IT. charting makes me feel very connected to my body