Sunday, June 8, 2008


i've always loved the onion books/newspapers but just discovered online they have video news clips. so funny!

2-Year-Old Donkey Called Up To Pro Donkey Basketball League
last night we attended sam's [colin's sister] high school graduation was at the shottenstein's center,this huge arena. it was the typical ceremony,long speeches about chasing your dreams and the little jokes about a teacher or parents putting up with you....and then the senior ensemble [about 10 choir kids] performed the most awful/awesome song we've ever heard.for starteres, they were terrible singers.terrible! this is a nice high school with quite a few high acheiving students.apparently their choir has gotten worse and worse. their director is a math teacher who got stuck with the job, if that gives any indication. and the song was called 'celebrate the future hand in hand' ---that does not even make any sense!! colin,jared,me and davy were in hysterics.tears streaming from laughing so was aaawesome.colin's parents were laughing too...i mean literally for like a half hour afterward we could not stop laughing. and halfway through the song the [dated cheesy synthesizer music] switches it up and starts a somewhat carribean breakdown that doubled our laughter...i just keep hearing the off-key singing 'put your haaaand, on the fuuuture' i wish i had a video of it.definite highlight of the night.also spending time afterward with colin's fam and family friends.i certainly married into a fantastic family.


erin tiger. said...

hey! i stumbled upon your blog through myspace / through house of heroes and just wanted to say your blog is just really positive to read. that sounds so silly coming from a stranger but you seem like a doll and your devotion to your family / god is inspiring! xoxo

Happy Hippie said...

You gotta love all of you having the same fabulous sense of humor. Is the song out of your head yet?