Monday, June 9, 2008

sayonara starbucks!

i gave my notice today! and though i only worked about 10 hours a week i feel much free-er for some reason.well starbucks is exhausting and i work early,at the busiest hours,at the busiest store in central ohio.oh how i won't miss the 4:23am alarm!
colin is very visual,much more than me.he is more fashion....conscious? than me too. so i am always so amused at the outfits he puts on saylor! in general my friends and i agree that mom's are just wired to be more aware of 'all-things-baby' than dads. colin is a fantastic hands on daddy but his mind does not naturally retain...last bath,what he should eat, how many diapers are left,sleep/wake times....i think for the most part moms can't even help but store and recall all that outfits-i came home once to a onesie on saylor backwards,snaps and tag there and colin unaware,that was hilarious. and he will occasionally dress him in pajamas.a couple weeks ago he put on a one piece outfit for him,and then put shorts over that...two different socks, a too small shirt, or not even getting him dressed at all.and today i came home and saylor was wearing a swimsuit for shorts.i pointed it out and he was like 'ya, i thought that looked wrong'...but you know what i love it! i think it's so funny. i love picturing him pulling out clothes like 'ya this is good,this will work'... although i'm sure he'd say all of saylor's clothes aren't organized enough for him to find something... that's my next task as an 'official' SAHM [stay-at-home-mom]...i have been so very blessed to have friends with older sons loan or give me clothes [thank you jenny and holly!!!!! and kaitlin and carri....! and our parents love to get clothes for him too] i have seriously bought saylor..maybe 10 articles of clothing? in a year and a half.oh my gosh that's amazing...i'm keeping out one of his huge storage boxes so i can spread the love and loan some clothes....but i don't seem to have enough room in his dresser for all his summer and fall clothes. i need to utilize the closet more.colin's a big closet clothes hanger,i prefer the dresser and only hang some things.and we also hang our clothes opposite-his front of shirt faces to the right, mine to the this because i write with my left hand?! haha..alright stream of consciousness should stop.
going to the doctor today, saylor has a hacky cough that sounds like croup to's waking my poor son up at night in coughing fits and crying so we'll see what they say.i'm sick of all the sickness in our home!


Kristin said...

My clothes all face the left in the closet too. It makes sense because we read from left to right, so we have a tendency to do other things that are in a horizontal line from left to right as well, ie looking through clothes in the closet. So of course when you're going through your clothes in the closet you want to see the front, not the back. Valid point? I think so :)

Happy Hippie said...

Your posting on Dad's is bringing back soooooo many memories! I am laughing so much right now. Thankyou!

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