Monday, June 9, 2008

and the best part

i forgot my highlight of sunday night. stephen and amber came over,we made some delish pasta.then started playing phase 10, as per us. [ok i always abbreviate usual and casual...and we can't decide how to spell's got that 'sh' sound with a vocal hum... like the 'g' in mirage... ok i'm going to spell it with a zh. uszh....take it or leave it, texting friends be advised....]
we bust out phase 10 and for some reason some of the cards are stuck together. colin thinks they are ruined and i'm insisting there's gotta be a way in the world to get these cards apart then colin brilliantly suggests we steam them. in our little steamer basket on the stove.and we did, and people, it worked! they were a little warm,little soft for a bit so i recommend you allow them to dry for a minute before using them. but i will store that for future reference,cuz haven't we all had a paper stuck together aw what the heck moment?! i love that we steamed cards.
ps i'm eating my perfect salad at the moment.
spinach, peas, sundried tomatoes, pine nuts, feta,homemade croutons [baked pieces of last night's baguette], splash of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, pinch of sea salt and pepper!!!! bliss!!!!

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Happy Hippie said...

Your perfect salad sounds perfect! You have offically made me hungry.