Friday, June 6, 2008

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i stumbled upon a way to upload pictures from my phone directly onto flickr and my blog! i'll have to play around with it a bit.
yesterday was a water day. we spent the morning at easton. saylor was nervous at first but eventually warmed up and loved playing in the fountains.[he also loves loves wearing that's great in the car so the sun doesn't get in his eyes.and it's cute when he insists on wearing it like,during breakfast] in the afternoon we played with emily's sprinkler for a bit, trying to show emily that it's not scary, it's fun!

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the past three days saylor has gone to bed at 7pm and woken up after 9am! we've gotten him out around 9:30-9:45. crazy! crazy cool i say.he is still napping great too. i am concerned that he may be getting sick [prolly from me,grrr] he has a wheezy cough coming on.he actually woke up crying [and coughing] at 8:30 last night. i ended up taking him out of his crib and bringing him to bed with me for a bit [we watched so you think you can dance.[its not lost or 30rock but it'll do] he never just wakes up like that so it was kinda a 'i'll take care of you baby,come lay with mommy' special time.
we've been staying inside today, it's so dang hot! i do love it though.

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jenny mae. said...

i think aug is sporting those shorts this summer too!