Wednesday, June 4, 2008

brief bloggin'

have to be quick online these days as saylor goes roaming quickly at my mom's house.
my big news of the week is colin and i decided that it's time for me to quit starbucks.we are hardly seeing each other and have been suffering for it.we need quality time together while he is actually home..[colin has worked evenings when i worked mornings,and hoh practices another evening so our alone time is has been nill..]. i will miss the discount! :) and some of the people i work with. i don't feel super connected there as i only work about 10 hours a it's only a couple hundred dollars less a month but i still feel a little strange.i've had a job [or two] since i was 15 so there's that 'i need to contribute financially' feeling.and i kindof feel like i'm jumping into air, just not knowing how this will look.but we have some money coming in that will carry us through the summer and we are just going to do the whole trust God thing and see how this pans out.i don't work when he's touring anyhow so it won't feel too strange when he's gone.and if it gets rough i can add a house to clean or two..ah starbucks i will miss thee.
heather evans last night as we are randomly talking with alicia about being a tomboy/girlie and being gay---....'well i played legos when i was a kid and i turned out just fine.' i mean,what? hilarious.

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Alicia Streicher said...

love it.

and just to clarify:
we were not discussing ALICIA BEING GAY or a TOMBOY.