Tuesday, June 17, 2008


saylor was just called taylor by my parent's neighbor.we often get 'ooh whats his name?' 'saylor' 'taylor?' 'ah,no,saylor' sometime i just say 'taylor with an s' when they ask.today was the first time he was directly addressed. 'hey taylor! how's taylor doing?' [oh,that sentence came after 'hey emily!' and i said 'oh actually this is saylor' [nevermind i don't think emily would ever wear camo shorts but it's cool]..] i did not correct him.i'll correct him regarding gender... but i can deal with taylor.[kinda].my brother's name is geoff and he said his perscription he just got says george.
i had a science teacher in middle school who for the whole semester called me melissa. i corrected him at least 5 times then finally gave up and began responding to it and writing melissa on my papers.i had him for a teacher again two years later and he was confused,asked if i had a sister...
saylor is still going to sleep around 7pm and sleeping in till 9-10am it's fabulous.and yesterday he napped from 11:30-4:00 what in the world? we think some teeth are coming in and he does sleep more when that's going on but in general we have a boy who loves his crib,loves to sleep.may all our children be like this, in Jesus' name amen.
i got colin a pullup bar for father's day and we put it up. i can do half a pullup.
father's day cards...cards in general are ridiculous.we typically make our own cards for friends, we meaning colin, i am no artist. so i leaf-ed through the row of father's day cards at target..jokes about like..grills. or beer or sports or whatever.and the 'serious' ones were just as bad.and some were like...velvet or had ribbon on them then they cost $6.. opt for the 'blank' section you can find nondescript cute pictures for any occasion.that's where we've mostly gone for the 7 years of our relationship. Ahhh 7 years this june 24th!!
i am done with starbucks! happy dance.
the smell of poopy diaper beckons me.


jenny mae. said...

you know what i like to do? go to the store and leaf through the cards and hand the one to david that i would have bought. he reads it, coos, puts it back. no paper wasted :)

Kristin said...

I do the same thing Jenny does! Ha ha that's so funny. Daniel does it for me, too. :)

Happy Hippie said...

LOL! I had similar name stuff happen. Polly. Molly.
People use to ask us if Chloe was a boy. Silently in my head I was thinking," Yes, my son likes to wear dresses and pink elastic head bands." People can be silly some times.
I need to know your secret to getting young children to sleep so well. I beg you! I beg!