Saturday, October 11, 2008

lack of sleep week

i was at colin's parents house today and colin's dad mark said 'hey michelle, why does this bother you?' and he folds his ear. EEEK! he then said he was reading my blog. this sums mark up pretty well to me- a couple years ago we were both just standing in the kitchen and he goes ''s your sex life?' fortunately i can handle such frank-ness i find it amusing/hilarious and it's pretty much how i am too so i can roll with it. i love colin's family dearly and i'm so happy to be a rigsby.
enjoying their grandson this afternoon

tomorrow saylor and i are embarking on a trip to pennsylvania with lindsay to visit the husbands and have some family time and hangout time. we don't know how exactly it's going to play out but we are going to make it work and hopefully our children will go with the flow! i woke up this morning feeling sick and saylor had a crusty/runny nose. so i've been praying out loud a lot today and asking others to do so too. and i'm going to believe that jesus is healing me. also i'm taking zicam and drinking lotsa tea.
so cool! he prefers to wear my sunglasses over his own.

seriously two weeks ago they were fighting and couldn't share and then last week i had dinner at sarah's house and we were just chatting [ok i was making fun of sarah for letting herself get talked into giving money to come people who came to her door talking about coal and water or something] and suddenly we realized our children were laughing. together. playing. getting along. so we took videos and enjoyed the moment then it happened again two days later at her birthday party. they played. they loved on each other. now here they are on their way to eat. i was in cincinnati and sarah sent me this picture and said they kept holding hands! they walked out of the restaurant holding hands! people often think they are twins.

munki hasn't been spotlighted in awhile but here's our kitty we still love her. most of the time. she was hoping colin would pack her and take her with him.

p.s. saylor is still calling me bobby. i'm starting to love it though of course can't wait for mommy. sometimes he can halfway get it and say mobby. i'll go 'say mouse' 'bouse!' 'say mmm-ouse' 'mouse' 'yay, say mommy!' and he goes 'mobby!' 'yay!' then two seconds later 'bobby! bobby!' so i'm bobby it's cool. bob.

also- YES

love the video, hadn't heard of adventconspiracy before but now i'm off to learn more about it!!!


Happy Hippie said...

awww,such a cute cousin moment!! Sorry about my over excitment the other day. One more cutie of yours in the world would be something awesome!
Have a safe trip to PA!

Kristin said...

One- I think I would pass out if my father-in-law asked about my sex life.

two- I love the pic of the kiddos holding hands! That is wonderful. And i love that ppl think they're twins :) :)

C- Great video! :) I think I may put it on my blog, too.

four- I miss you!! I miss you!! I miss you!!! Have fun on your trip. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the Advent Conspiracy!

That photo of them holding hands is so cute..hope everyone stays well for the trip!

Ps. I would die if someone asked me that so frankly too.:)

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

I hope you guys are feeling better! I was cracking up remembering the people at the door asking for money for the water something or another....I gave them a dollar!! What the heck-I'm still a little torn that my name may be on something I don't care about....oh well.....

I love that Saylor and Emily are friends now-ahhhhh :)

I didn't know until your last blog that you didn't like ears bending....ohhh the fun has just begun.... j/k