Tuesday, January 17, 2012

precious blog

i accidentally deleted this blog a couple hours ago. it was devastating! and seemed impossible to recover. very complicated. i do not like blogger/google tech support. AAAT ALLLLL. ideally i'd love my own domain/site...maybe someday. anyhow once it was miraculously recovered i went through and read a bunch and dang.. saylor was the happiest easiest baby ev-ah! clover is very easy... but is different. can be more particular. definitely a 'hard sell' hard to make her smile which i find really funny how solemn she can be. i love it. i am wondering what this next boy will be like. praying. :) well we are half way through january but i do have some new years resolutions that i've yet to write down so here goes:
1. journal more. the facebook/twitter/instagram makes it convenient to post that silly thought or picture but.. you lose some of the memories that way. i want to write here more and i also started this one line a day journal.
2. read the bible in a year plan? i just started this a few days ago. i have tried these before. so we'll see. this time it's on my phone though.. maybe make it more accessible?
3. lose the baby weight. he should be arriving in june so.. feasible :)
4. cook more. for the love! i need help/ideas for simple/quick meals for my kids.
5. organize. this is always ongoing and fun.. would like to tackle like.. all the basement/storage stuff... would like to participate in this baby bargain boutique thing we have here twice a year. my sister and i want to have a booth to sell all our baby stuff we are done with. i'd also like to 'organize'- spreadsheet? our finances. i've always resisted cuz colin's paychecks are so random and different every month [we were waiting on SEVEN different checks in the mail today. got one woohoo] but i've been thinking i'd like to somehow have better track of what's coming/going. this may sound boring/difficult for some people.. but i love this kind of stuff!
6. tattoo wedding rings? we don't so much like our wedding rings. think we might just tattoo something :)
7. as always, reach out more. connect with and pursue people. i love people. i hear pur in my head from pursue and it's making me want to add 'get a cat' because i keep wanting a cat. but maybe that'll be in '13. :) i know baby mister here will give us plenty o'snuggs for the time being.
8. talk less. i over think. and so i talk a lot. some friends have said NO don't talk less that's what makes you you! so i'll keep telling you the random thoughts and tangents but i would like to NOT say things that aren't necessary. to my own discretion. :) and mostly complain less! cuz i do that way too much.
i always make a bunch of resolutions and for the people who bah humbug them.. well boo to them because i like them and i have been able to follow through on a few of them. past accomplished resolutions- quit picking my nails, quit littering, get engaged, have a baby [written before i was pregnant and even know if i could get pregnant.] so see.. it's worth trying!

also... we think we have a baby name. AIEEEE why can't i do emoticons on here!! AND felt him kick on the outside with my hand today! 19 weeks tomorrow.

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