Wednesday, January 25, 2012


saylor is currently sad because he dropped his spiderman musical toothbrush [that he got in his christmas stocking] down the sink drain. well to clarify, he told me he didn't drop it there, he was trying to see if it would fit down there. and it got gross. lesson learned. we just got back from a photo shoot for mcgraw/hill, he had tons of energy but did great and had fun. i love going to them too! it's so interesting, i would not mind working a job in that field..i got some veg.sushi at raisin rack for the second day in a row, because i'm pregnant. and it called to me. and it's so good. clover is playing with jujy today. she is so much chirpier now that she's not all stuffy/sick anymore. talking so much! i asked her where her lovey is this morning and she said 'i dunno. where is it?' and judy said when she walked in her house she said 'kitty cat, where aaaarrre youuu?'
alicia is home sick i think she got what me and clover had. yuck :( i'm still stuffy but doterra oils have helped me from feeling miserable. those.oils.are.amazing! i only had a couple hours of feeling awful-started the oils and had one bad night of sleep and that's it. seems everyone we know had the puking bug [ughggghgh and of course me/saylor/clover got it when colin was gone, good times] and now everyone is getting bad colds. having kids just heightens it all, bugs are passed more often and are more annoying to deal with. ooooh well!
the weather has been crazy. i'm not complaining. i am wondering if february will be like blizzard town or what. saylor doesn't think it's winter because there's hardly been any snow.
got an otterbox for my phone yesterday. GOOD cuz it drops all the time. WEIRD because it's very slippery. like asking to be dropped. what the heck?
colin's dad showed me this article from the wall street journal. interesting! mark and i and my mom are all mixed-handed and write with our left hand. my mom read this and proceeded to read more about the topic and made me take a quiz on how mixed handed i am. i always thought it was cool to be left/mixed handed. so apparently i have a higher risk of a mental disorder, whatever. :) i'm excited that clover is left handed.

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