Tuesday, April 15, 2008

not feelin' groovy

my son is sick, and i am sick. blah.we went to kentucky this weekend so saylor could meet his great-grandma rigsby for the first time. it was fun.it was a small town and it was cold outside so we were a bit cooped up but i very much enjoyed spending time with colin's dad's fam.it's a totally different world than we live in but it was great to spend time with them and i had a southern accent coming home which i was kinda excited about because i've pretty terrible at accents. we left on sunday,saylor had had a fever for four days and on the ride home he was pretty miserable.we took him straight to urgent care-ear infection in both ears! at this point i'm feeling pretty sick as well and now i'm still fighting the fever and cough.it is quite difficult to take care of a child [a sick child!] and be sick yourself but i constantly think all day... how do mother's do it with more than one child?! and they work full time?! i cannot complain.colin is so very helpful.it's kinda a stressful month.
colin's grandpa Joseph died 19 years ago.his grandma-Mug- said he was the finest man she ever knew..i wish i could have known him.he, like colin's grandpa on his mom's side,was an artist [the whole family drips with artistic talent it's insane!] here are some paintings that are hanging on the walls at Mug's house.for some reason i cannot make the pictures larger so it hardly does them justice so please go to www.joerigsby.com and click on artwork to see some more good stuff. :)

self portrait

portrait of his father lake

i wanted to include this picture because we were talking about it. the picture is of Mug and mark said he grew up with this picture hanging in the bathroom.he said it became particularly awkward during his adolescent years as he kinda wanted to look at it...but kinda had the feeling it was his mom,though no one ever spoke of it.flash forward 30 years or so, they are on the phone and mug says 'mark.i want to tell you something.the picture of the nude woman in our bathroom is me' she was surprised he knew.haha! i love that no one ever talked about it yet she felt compelled to confess it.

a couple more

saylor sweating buckets,working his fever off

comin' home


jenny mae. said...

oh sweaty babies!!

that nude painting is great. i wish we would all be a lot more uninhibited about our bodies to break the weirdness of "our bodies are dirty" thing.

OH! and before i forget could i get my cookbook back? WHENEVER. seriously. i just dont want to forget about it

Kristin said...

Hi Hi!! Ok here is a link with some articles about SOY!!


Sorry it's not a link but it should work to copy/paste. You would probably like www.mercola.com in general because there is a lot of health stuff on it! AnyHOOOO---- I hope this helps you! :O)

Kristin said...

Here is another article on soy... or rather, it is a woman telling about her soy experiences. I thought you might find it interesting :O)